May I have your attention Mr. President and Sports Manager! Aren’t you tired of having an expensive technical staff who understand tactics and don’t get the results that your soccer team are capable of getting?

How to have your DREAM TEAM without going bust having hired Guardiola?

Today I am going to explain how you can organise your soccer team so as to make it into winning machine and play a game that will highly motivate your members

Do you identify yourself with any of these situations?

>> You are making an enormous effort for your team to be at the top of the league but the results are not what you were expecting and on top of that your team isn’t giving us the soccer that makes you feel proud.

>> You feel that your team is neither taking off nor that it’s going to be as triumphant as you wish.

>> Although you’ve got good players, there are always the same problems when it comes to organisation and team work to achieve a common objective.

Don’t worry it isn’t your fault.

The harsh reality is that 99% of those responsible for the sports area of the competition soccer teams have the same problem.

COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP. The key to take your team to the next level.

The new techniques of psychology and leadership applied to soccer are changing everything — it´s true. However, very few clubs are offering their teams this power.

Normally the manager figure still plays an authoritarian role which by no means is adapted to the new systems of playing and the human relationships between the members of a sports community.

“If the coach has a bad day then your team does too…”

The performance of 9 out of every 10 teams in high level competition is significantly affected by the lack of control of communication and the sensitivity of the group leadership

This context prevents the natural evolution of the collective potential and blows up the response capacity of the group on the pitch.

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT… that your are responsible for a football club where each and every one of the players and members of the technical body work to their maximum in a cooperative way for the good of all.

Imagine that you feel recognised and powerful in your position, because you have acquired the skills to manage the talent of your group in an intelligent way and thus taking your club to the top of the league and the cup.

You form part of a truly united club that enables the technical body to focus their efforts on obtaining results without wasting time solving useless internal conflicts.

Everyone understands their virtues and limitations and the whole group goes in the same direction.

To achieve a powerful team that competes on equal terms with the hardest rivals of the championship and makes the champion proud in the most important moments, is an ambitious but reachable objective as long as you are able to create the adequate conditions for this to take place.

¿Do you think that making a difference on the field and wins cups is an objective that only depends on good tactics and good physical preparation?

Applying psychology in the dynamics of a soccer team

A great team is made up of the combination of 4 key factors: a good group of players + a good attitude + a good organisation + something else which nobody knows what it is and it is the only really important thing.

Pleased to meet you! My name is ENRIC SEGURA and I am a psychologist, specialising in the management of organisation and high performance soccer teams

I work as a consultant for the technical team of a soccer club to improve leadership and get short-term results.

Do you want to have a chat? — +34679200999 · Hangout · Mail

With more than 20 years experience in competition teams and involved in soccer related projects in Spain & UK.

As a sportsperson I form part of F.C. Barcelona’s supporters club, taught from a very age the values of fair-play and team sport. Captain of different soccer clubs in federate leagues and part of the selection process for the Catalonia National Team.

F.C. Barcelona mini-stadium · Final Cup Junior 1992

In the year 2005 I joined the Bellaterra F.C. project, collaborating in founding the entity and contributing to the development of the club both in its organisation and at a sports level.

In the last 2 seasons, we reached 2 play-offs in consecutive promotion with the team which led the competition.

In my professional life, I am a management consultant in organizations and work teams. I have a Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Dynamic Psychotherapy from UAB. I have taken part in international programmes and seminars Leadership, Innovation & Management (Innova), with special interest in innovation in group management and talent management in companies.

I have lived and done business in both Spain and the United Kingdom. I have worked as a coach for professional teams in the programmes team building and role playing (Dreams&Adventures). I have designed actions of RSC in Sport for international conferences. With experience in communication and culture, I have been the promotor of several business projects for example, El Ahora, Rock&Dream, The Basket Kingdom & Pracmatic.

Currently I am the Director of the online academy

Do you want to know me a little better?

In order to know how I think a little better, I would say that I profoundly admire Pep Guardiola’s way of working and if you ask me for a player of a favorite style of playing I would choose one of these two stars…

Soccer is a sport which is halfway between science and art, and cannot be played in an excellent manner without having a training system that includes the know how of both perspectives.

THE 5th ESSENCE OF SOCCER. The system of play

THERE ARE NO MAGIC FORMULA to reach success and excellence in soccer. The other teams also compete and work towards the same objectives, lifting barriers that should be serenely overcome.

To do this it is essential to build, in as little time as possible, an organization which is adequate for the team’s potential, which can control external conditions and influence in the dynamics of the game.

An intelligent system which enables each one of the team to know his talent and complement that of others by contributing to the functioning of the team further afield than the technique and strategy of the game.

One method where the human factor predominates over the football, which generates a feeling of belonging to something even bigger and which enables each one to personally assume the control of his own area of responsibility.

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Methodology of work

My competitive spirit leads me to be involved with the team 200% , always occupying the most objective position possible, without losing perspective of the most subtle aspects of the organisation.

A practical job with guaranteed commitment, where I become another member of the team, working side by side with the players and the technical part of the team, taking into account the interests of both.

In this way I can obtain more dynamic results, assess them with common sense and take the appropriate decisions with the best criteria, always looking after the objectives and the requirements of the club.

Activating an agile cycle of development applied to soccer…

With my experience as business psychologist, I have been able to be in contact with the most important organizational and productive international methods.

Inspired by this, I have created a 5 step method which combines the best of dynamic psychology, systemic thought and agile management of organizations in order to build high performance teams.

This methodology is 100% selected and inspired in the work mentality of the best trainers and managers in the world…

A work system based on managing human relations which enable us to fit all the pieces together so that your team can reach its goals and enjoy it at the same time.

An intelligent system in 5 steps

This system of agile development applied to soccer includes several cycles of research and implementation of improvements, in a period of minimum 5 months and which would adopt the following plan of action:

  1. Audit of the state of the team. Each member of the team receives personalised feedback of the strong points and the weak points in his personality so as to increase the individual consciousness and establish a basis for the development of a work system with more meaning.
  2. Talent and ability analysis. Each member of the team becomes conscious of his own speciality and that of all his team mates, thus increasing the communication between the different parts of the system, enabling collective intelligence.
  3. MVP-T* Design or “the best version possible of the team”. Combining the individual and collective characteristics, we design the best team possible opening participation possibilities to create a common language of play in which the whole team feels reflected.
  4. Test of the system of play. Each match is assessed as the most valuable source of information, interpreting the data not only from the tactical point of view but from the point of view of relationships of inter-dependence represented by the actors in the dynamics of play.
  5. Measurement of results and pivoting. Once the information has been collected and implemented in the system, as the starting point for the activation of the following cycle of development.
*MVP-T stands for the technical term “Minimum Viable Product”, in this case interpreted as “Minimum Viable Team”, which makes reference to the creation of the best possible version of the team according to the specific resources and the time available.
The whole is more than the sum of its parts


This methodology has demonstrated in different contexts an improvement in results which is 3 times greater than the usual systems of organization. In only 5 months your team can enjoy the following progresses:

1 > A more organized team and smoother play, focused on getting the best out of individual abilities and the talent of the team.

2 > A team with greater self management and collective leadership for a more autonomous management which is independent from the game, capable of responding to uncontrollable external factors.

3 > A system of cooperative and responsible play where each member feels valued and motivated in their area of responsibility, contributing with their individual responsibility to the team.

4 > An ambitious and modern club which transforms human values into efficient work tools to achieve results and promote the feeling of belonging to the group.

5 > A prestigious entity which leads a position of respect and power in the competition and which confidently faces all the challenges that a championship requires.

Forget about headaches to manage your team and the puzzles that suppose putting together all the pieces of the machine to obtain the level of performance that you want.

With this method that I am introducing you to, you are going to have a method of support to lead your team in a more simple and efficient way, in order to build a strong and independent team with more perspective meaning of effort.

A special club that knows how to manage human talent and which gives great added value to the work from the beginning to be able to proudly celebrate their success at the end of the season.

Other direct benefits

Although this method is focused on improving the organisation and obtaining results on the field, it has also proved efficiency in other areas of functioning of a football team.

So, you can also take advantage of this know-how to:

1 > Training of coaches and technical team so that they can complete their leadership and organizational management capacities in an autonomous way in the club´s discipline. A life-long learning.

2 > Talent management and attraction based on analysis further afield than from a technical point of view, to take on the best players with an intelligent investment and with maximum confidence that they will adapt to the club´s dynamics.

3 > Actions of corporative social responsibility through events where the values of sustainability and responsibility to improve the reputation and the impact of the entity in the surroundings are interiorized.

If I don’t risk, don’t I win?

Do you find it difficult to trust someone you don’t know, although this is serious professional person with references?

Don´t worry. This is quite normal.

It happens to me too and I am aware that to work with someone, previously I have to be sure that the person is committed to the Project and that we can understand each other on a daily basis.

So, I want to make things easy, create trust and reduce the barrier which impedes us from doing something big together as much as possible.

To do this, I offer my services for 5 months WITHOUT ANY RISK for you.

if the team doesn’t get the results agreed in the time established, I will return half of my fee.

I am ready to fulfill my part, are you?

Wait, before you make your decision! I want to give you a gift to win your trust…

I really want to show you that I know what I am talking about and that you are not making a mistake trusting me.

I offer you a personalised video-test diagnosis of the system of play of your soccer team, which will give you a qualified external vision with some key points to improve the dynamics of your organization.

1. Detailed explanation of the present state of your team
2. Review of collective strengths and weaknesses
3. Analysis of threats and opportunities to improve
4. Identification and improvement of leadership “in play
5. Summary of implementable growth actions

This professional diagnosis is valued at more than $350 USD

**In order to get the diagnosis of your team all you have to do is upload the video to Youtube and send me the link privately to this e-mail**

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I would like to benefit from this method in my team

The period advised to incorporate this system of improvement in your team is at least 5 months.

Throughout this period I will work as part of the technical body of the team, supporting the coach as a management consultant, deciding the plan of action to follow to fulfill the planned objectives, together.

This plan of action can be implemented at the same time and in a parallel way to the training method already in place in the team, or can be focused on as a new central tool for the following months.

If you wish to incorporate this method in your club as soon as possible, you can hire my services in these < 2 WAYS >

OPTION A — Half of the season 2016 · 2017

> Immediate incorporation from 15th October 2016
> 1st or 2nd part of the championship with a 5 month settlement
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OPTION B — Full season 2016 · 2017

> Incorporation from 15th October 2016
> 1st + 2nd round of championship with a 10 months settlement
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Would you like to work with me?

If your team hasn’t had the results or the game that you would have liked in this last season, now it’s time to do something about it.


ENRIC SEGURA · Psychologist, specialising in the management of organisation and high-performance soccer teams
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+34 679200999 | Blog | Hangout | Mail | @EnricSegura

At present I am doing interviews with several clubs who are interested in my services and I will take the final decision before the 1st October 2016.

Until then I invite you to have a chat where you can tell me about your sports Project without any commitment at all.

I am convinced that I can help you to find the best solution for your team and you have nothing to lose.

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What do you gain by hiring me?

You can also give your club a boost and be ready to fight for the top championship positions in only 5 months.

1 > A proven methodology that will convert your team into a well-oiled machine that will win and play attractively

2 > An active psychologist with expertise in management and human team work leadership

3 > A sportsman with more than 20 years experience in the world of soccer and captain of all the teams in which I have played in

4 > A communicative and committed practitioner with values of fair-play and the collective game in his DNA

5 > At present I work freelance so I am totally flexible as far as contracting is concerned and can invoice on demand

A true leader is born to serve his people…

And remember YOU ARE TAKING NO RISK because if you don’t reach your goals, I will give back half of the money you have invested.

**If you are interested in hiring my services, CLICK ON THE IMAGE and write your email on the form and I will contact you as soon as possible.

This is the moment to INVEST IN YOUR DREAM and take your team to the top…

ACT NOW! Don’t miss the opportunity to make your dream come true and celebrate a great triumph this coming season.



Note 1 — the implementation of this system in your team requires minimum dedication of 20 hours per week and so the cost of the service is calculated on a part time basis.

Note 2 — At present I live is Spain, so travel costs and residence outside Spain are not included in the price.

¿Is your budget tight this season?

I don’t like to ignore an interesting project because of finance.

If your club can’t meet the cost but is interested in working with me and you have an exciting Project then don’t hold back and send me a mail.

Tell me about the situation of your club and about why you would like to work with me.

Who knows perhaps we can come to some kind of agreement.

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