Enric Segura
Apr 22, 2016 · 3 min read

Would you like to change your soccer team into a winning machine and that plays in a way your supporters love?

Let’s be honest

The championship is just around the corner and your team is not at the highest level. You have serious doubts about getting the results that you all are all expecting this year and there’s not much time to react…

Don’t worry! You still have a chance to take action and ensure your club triumphs…

My name is ENRIC SEGURA and I am a psychologist, specialising in the management of high performance teams.

I work as a consultant for the technical team of a soccer club to improve leadership and get short-term results.


This is the moment to INVEST IN YOUR DREAM and take your team to the top…

ACT NOW! Don’t miss the opportunity to make your dream come true and triumph this year.

<< LEADERSHIP FOR YOUR TEAM — Consulting service for smart soccer clubs >>

Let’s have a chat and find out what THE BEST SOLUTION for your soccer team is RIGHT NOW!

(click on the image to speak to me. What do you lose?)

+34 679200999 | Hangout | Mail | @EnricSegura

Do you wish to incorporate this innovative method in your team ASAP?

Enric Segura

Written by

With a background in psychology, business & media. Helping talented people to lead meaningful organisations

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