What being let go from my job during Sandra Bland and #SayHerName taught me about diversity and…
Uche W.

I salute you and have nothing but good wishes for you. Let me tell you this is a great written piece, you are an awesome writer. As I went through it I could feel your pain in every word, your anguish, your suffering. Theres nothing more to add to it, it is perfect. You are a very talented human being and I am sure you will find something way better that that job you left behind. I am very aware of the deaths of African Americans during this year and I am in shock. I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement. I am on my own journey of decolonization of my mind and it is hard to understand the pain that black folks have been into for half millenia basically for not having to deal with it. The fight is now and should continue. The job isnt done but more and more people of all ways of life are waking up from their privilege and want to help. Keep up the fight. Be always proud. Never give up on who you truly are and they will respect you. Thank you for sharing this.