Understanding Failure for what it is: Part of the learning process

Falling it’s not fun. Most of the times it hurts, leaving some scrapes and bruises. But falling is a necessary evil in any learning process. Whether you are learning to walk, bike, or simply trying to grow your business — you will fall. Nothing will ever be perfect from the moment it is launched. Even if you had all the data available to you, there are things you can’t know until you’ve tried them.

Marketing is no exception. We don’t have all the answers, we simply have frameworks that…

You have a website for a reason. You want it to improve your business by generating leads, increasing brand awareness, or selling your products and services online. But how do you know if your website is doing its job? And, more importantly, how do you optimize its performance?

A website is the first step in building a digital presence that will improve your business. But like anything, websites are not perfect from the start. This is not a reflection of the plan, designer or developer. It just comes from the understanding that perfection comes from ongoing improvement. They require constant…

Have you ever started a trip by getting in your car, rushing out of your driveway, and immediately driving to the newest, fastest highway — to only then decide where you want to go?

Sounds crazy, right? Then, why do so many marketers behave that way? Too often, marketers jump from one tactic to the next without having a strategy, or even an objective, in place.

Maybe you’re thinking, “But sometimes you need to move fast to take advantage of an opportunity”. And you’re right! But, having a strategy doesn’t mean you don’t get to try something cool, take advantage…

When you are trying to acquire new customers you may have different segments of the population you want to attract and convince to be your customers. You may separate them by their gender, ages, where they live, what they do, or simply people at different stages in their life. You know what message and value proposition is more likely to resonate with each segment. However, there is one segment of the population that won’t resonate with any of them, a group of people you shouldn’t reach — your own customers.

Enrique Hoyos

I help businesses identifying unmet needs, goals, opportunities and challenges. Learn more about me at enriquehoyos.com

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