If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Breaking News: White woman decides what others think.

I have grown a great distaste for this election cycle. From the blatant rigging to the poor choice of candidates(It isn’t much worse than other years to be fair). But the greatest annoyance I have encountered is people like Sasha Stone. Often times under the guise of saying if you don’t vote for Hillary then you obviously are privileged and have nothing to risk with a Trump presidency or saying opinion only matters with less trivial things, but bitch you don’t fool me. This is merely another expression of the colonial mindset but this time manifesting in young “Liberals” with a strong desire to “change the world” and often caught saying things like I don’t see color or touting around their black friends as a trophy these people are just as much the enemy to the mission of true equality. Why because it is their mission to wash over the opinion of others who they claim would be in danger if you don’t vote for Hillary with their self important white feminism. You don’t fool me Sasha(Becky) this has nothing to do with protecting the world from anyone it’s about your personal desire to not see Trump in the white house not what is good for me as a queer person, as a black man, as a latinx it is about you and only you. You can keep looking out for everyone and what’s “best” for the country and the world, I will keep looking out for my best interest. Sorry Sasha(Becky) the world doesn’t need you or your white savior complex.