New Delhi Railway Station is maybe one of the most crowded places in all India. Smoke, people and horns make it a complicated yet amazing place that almost every tourist get to visit want it or not

Photostory: Storm Clouds over New Delhi Railway Station

The most amazing moment I was able to capture in this hectic city.

For a second imagine you are me. You are a 29 year old man walking the hectic alleys and streets in maybe one of the most exotic, busiest and noisiest cities in the world: New Delhi, India

The year is 2016 but definitely feels like another year here. The roads are not clean and people are not wearing hoodies and slim suits, cars are dusty and not very new, it’s been awhile since you actually got to see anything very western or modern, maybe you even saw it but it simply got lost among all the other things around you.

You had been 30 days in this country and still the smell on the streets sometimes takes you with the guard down, it’s spicy and disgusting, and delicious and revolting, but even if your nose tries not to sense any hodor, your ears cannot accomplish a similar feat. Actually, you’ve been using your earphones for several days with no music on, more as earplugs, you don’t want to add more noise to what you already try to diminish from the screams, horns and shouts.

But you’re definitely not standing there analyzing all the images I described , nah nah, you’re in a hurry, you were bargaining for the last hour with a street clothing vendor for a Gupta, a traditional man shirt you simply fancied to have and that, spoiler alert, will break apart exactly one week later. You simply were wasting your time, inadvertently, and it was because you actually liked that vendor greenish eyes, you invested time and effort to simple spend a little more there, in its company. Simply worthless, worse of it, now you only have 2 hours to catch a plane that will take you away from this land, from this paradise, and the airport is far.

So you walked fast, passed through what it seemed like a million rickshaw drivers trying to get you somewhere, they didn’t know you were already where you needed: The train station (but here it’s railway, you’ve been using the word train and they never catched it… railway.. the railway station!).

Your 15kg backpack on your back, in the hassle, you climb some stairs to cross to the other side through the upper platform and all the way to where the airport express RAILWAY departs. The birds are crossing in all directions, the orange light it’s wrapping everything up, it’s sunset time, you’re trying to avoid eye contact to all the people that looks at you, foreigners of all kinds simply popped out here. So you stare at your feet trying not to stumble upon anything or someone, and then you look up.

The most amazing storm cloud you have seen, breaking all these black haze and pollution layers that involve the everyday skies of the Indian capital.

You keep on walking for a few seconds with your mouth slightly open and your tongue slightly out, reaching for your lips, your brain simply took a few extra seconds to catch the moment, so when it finally registered it, you simply stopped. And people cramming in in all directions, you move to the left, closer to the railing to take a better look. Yes, it’s exactly what you thought it was… so you simply stared at it, no thoughts, no reactions, just staring.

-Shit, shit, shit!

You forgot you have av camera! Very quickly you grab it, it’s so stupid because it has been hanging from your neck all this time , perfectly placed in front of your chest, waiting, for you to stop spending these precious seconds of ever changing light. And you don’t even know where to start, the moment has got you all numb and dumb.

But you look at it better, see the trains, the platforms… you have found your angle, select your values and click

Storm Clouds over New Delhi Railway Station (August 5, 2016)

Yes, this was a gift, by mother nature, maybe? by this marvelous land of contrasts or maybe it was just fate, but whatever, you smirk, smile, and start laughing like crazy, cause it’s super late! but again this country has got you off guard and rewarded you with some of the most magical moments you’ve witnessed, but you better keep on walking through this platform, yes you try to catch a last glimpse, at the farewell gift India gave you, the simply perfect ribbon to a life changing trip.

Photo taken at f4 1/60 iso 400 at 24mm
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