The irony of wasting life by trying to plan it

- so, what are you gonna do next? like… in life.

My pal and I were seated, having some table talk during lunchtime, discussing pretty much whatever that came into our minds, suddenly, THE QUESTION popped up into the conversation.

This is definitely not the first time I have been around similar thoughts, and when I look around, I see so many people wondering too, because we all feel that call every now and then despite our age or situation, however, does it make sense defining a plan? I think most of the time we neglect that…

Think about it, have you made any PERFECT decision ever in your life? Even if you said yes, chances are that most likely that’s not true and, in spite of how greatly or badly some other people seem to have done theirs, a perfect decision, is far from being plausible, it doesn’t matter how much thoughts you give it or plans you make, things are in general uncontrollable.

Still, the fear of choosing wrongly and so many other angsts combined with our deepest desires make CHOOSING a terrifying process. The never knowing if the the next door/job/partner will be a better option than what we already have gets us anxious, not to even mention when decisions have deadlines: a graduation or the end of a contrac. Uneasiness is maybe the biggest emotion we get to feel as we tend to always focus on the negative aspects, the aftermath of having a horrible choice: our lives ruined, our love lost. Evidence even suggests that fear of failure is usually greater than the joy of success, for which most people don’t allow ourselves to take risks or at least, tend to over think about them, something far from healthy or useful.

Let’s set one thing clear, life will definitely never ask for your opinion nor permission, but that doesn't necessarily leaves you hopeless in the script of your movie, decisions are a tremendous weapon to reach goals, and the key to simplify this tedious process is to understand them as what they are: micro-small changes in a never ending universe.

Your choices are nothing, and that’s great!

We love to believe that we are amazingly big, that we have tremendous power to change everything around us, nonetheless, truth is that we’re small specks of dust floating in this gigantic void. It seems that is natural for us to magnify our problems, to see any single decision as something settled, unchangeable, that might even have the power to destroy everything not to say everyone. Don’t get me wrong, we have a certain power to generate things around us and even maybe, destroy them, but in a bigger picture, our choices and actions are distant of being as transcendental as we expect them to be. Even when in comparison with our own planet’s history, our whole species is a recent thing, our wars, problems, accomplishments are still not even quite much to our whole planet, let aside our own lives.

Our choices are simply small, and yes, they can lead to bigger things, specially in our own life, but most of the stuff that we attain to them, resides in our mind and tricky imagination. So what you can do is actually trick your mind as it does to you:

If you see a big life decision as something as small as selecting a fruit, the whole process becomes simple and intuitive. By imagining it as something physically handable, your mind allows you to maintain control of it and then, other plans attached to that choice become realizable too. Like grabbing an apple out of a pile, it’s more about following your gut feeling, free from hassle, an scenario where even if you fail, you can simply come back, and pick up a new apple, fruit or even change for a cookie

While having choices, in my personal experience, choosing simply (selecting any option, or simply one) and go with it, is what usually feels like the most accurate. Instead of spending time on tribulations we should use it in generating things and enjoying what’s around us.

The best choice is the one you make

You never know what you’ll find on the other side of any decision, you will always have doubts, but you will always have stories, to learn from or to laugh at.