Tips for New Parents on a Child’s oral Health

For a child, learning how to take care of their teeth can be hard. Some parents don’t really know how to take care of it, and they end up having trouble when they go to their Eugene dentist when it comes to this. But, there are a few dental tips that can help with a child’s overall oral health, and this article will give you just what you need to know to kick start good oral habits.

The first, is start them off a lot easier than you think. You might believe with a child having no teeth, it’s silly to do this, but you should make sure to clean their mouths before that. It creates that routine sort of situation in a child. Often, just using a clean, soft cloth against the cheeks and gums with some warm water on there can help. It also gets rid of any sugars and food particles that might be there, and it also gives them the sensation of what it’s like to clean your mouth every day, which is a great habit to learn.

You should also start to limit the sugar that a child has. If you don’t have a ton of sugar in your diet, you’ll be able to protect the child’s’ mouth against acids and sugar. If your child wants it, give them water and veggies instead, for it will help move the food particles out of the mouth, and it is a way healthier choice. Advocate healthy foods, and don’t advocate sugars as much too, for it’s a habit that children pick up from parents as well.

You should also consider the steps of brushing for them, with them, and then beside them. The first part is that you brush for them when a child doesn’t know how to use a toothbrush yet due to motor skills. Brush it for them. Have them sitting down and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to get rid of particles and various sugars. You should also hold the bristles against the gumlines and then sweep it down. Later on, when they can hold it, guide it around and show them the correct technique. Brushing with them is a good activity for them to learn as well. When they can finally do it themselves, you can brush your own teeth with them right beside you. If you work on it together, it will get them to want to continue brushing their teeth, and they will enjoy doing it too.

Flossing is also another important tip to have going on in your child’s mouth. If a child has multiple teeth, start flossing them right away. You should get a piece about as long as a child’s arm, and then pit it against your middle fingers, hold it there. This will guide it between the teeth. You should then pull it out between the teeth in the shape of a C. This is an integral habit to put in, because even adults don’t like flossing, and it’s very important to do it.

Cheese is another snack that you should have for a child if they’re getting hungry. It will keep a kid happy too. It’s good to have in moderation, for the calcium will help with getting the teeth stronger, and it will help to stimulate saliva production, which will get rid of any sugars that are stuck.

Finally, if you want to help make sure that children brush their teeth for the full two minutes, and you want to make the time go by faster, you should play some music. It makes it way more enjoyable for a kid, and a child will actually look forward to brushing their teeth every single day.

These tips are great for any parent who has a kid, whether they’re old enough to see a Eugene dentist, or they’re still having teeth grow in at this stage of their life. For many people, it’s often a bit shocking to have a kid who is able to hold brush their teeth happily, but this can get them started on this great and amazing habit, which will certainly help with further actions and habits.