Potential Intern
Enrique Torruco

What seems to work well the most, as far as engagement goes, is Facebook. Here the audience is diverse in that you have current students and alumni who follow you. Most importantly though, (older)alumni seem to be the largest group of users who engage with your content. I think this is something to take advantage of by considering them in future posts with specialized content catered to them.

Twitter also has a decent amount of engagement. However, a majority of the engagement only seems to occur if the content is related to basketball. So while you may have a lot of followers, the people who share your content are fans of the game/sports.

While this may not be exactly related to social media I think its important to note that I do feel that emails should be tweaked a bit. When I get emails from Marquette, the subjects are not the most exciting. I think they’re just like some automated obligatory email the school has to send. If there was possibly a bit more creativity to entice people to open it, they’d be more well received, rather than just feeling like its spam.

One particular email I remember receiving a while back was to complete some sort of survey for the school. The only reason I did was because the subject of the email read something like “Win an iPad”. Something as simple as that made me take action and complete the survey.

I’m just shooting a random idea here but maybe something different that could be cool would be to have a p.o.v. of a day in the life of a student. Give some students cameras to record their daily activities for a period of time. After said period upload the highlights (short clips) of the footage onto your social media platforms to show the M.U. student life experience. “Advertise” the fun events and experiences Marquette has to offer and the special moments that can occur everyday on campus.

That’s my two cents on some of the things I’ve noticed.

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