Invest in the WorkDone Revolution

Joe Rogers
Jun 5, 2018 · 1 min read

We started WorkDone to drastically change the way we work. Our patent-pending Expertise Capture technology uses advances in machine learning to let entrepreneurs and organizations seamlessly automate the most boring, repetitive parts of their processes without requiring user training or custom programming.

Our goal is to replace countless hours of low-value busywork at the office with WorkDone’s AI agents, which reduces labor costs and frees people up to do higher value work. And now there’s a simple way for everyone to buy into the future of workplace automation:

We’re pleased to announce the launch of WorkDone’s equity crowdfund campaign on the truCrowd platform.

The campaign will open for investment tomorrow June 6th with the minimum investment set at US$250. Our hope is that investors both small and large will participate. Starting tomorrow, please visit www.WorkDone.AI to find out how to invest in the next big thing — WorkDone’s AI Digital Workforce Platform.

Joe Rogers
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