ENSListing vs. NameBazaar — Which platform to use?

Disclaimer, these are my observations, and I am the owner of ENSListing, so take it with a pinch of salt:

From Sellers perspective:

NameBazaar — pros:
1. time-limited auction, ticking clock creates a sense of urgency
2. nice graphics
3. buy now listings

NameBazaar — cons:
1. No reserve price. Cant bid below the list price. If you list for too high, you won’t get any bids, if you listed too low, you might undersell your name. 
2. Need to keep renewing the auction end date — costs gas (If you put an end date too far out, the bidder need to wait that long to close the deal. Cant edit the date once there are bids)

3. Limited search capabilities

ENSListing — pros:
1. No end date for auctions. So, list and forget (and add watch to the name so that you will get notified). If anyone wants the name, they will bid. It is like announcing your ownership, putting the inventory for sale, so that interested parties can contact.
2. No reserve price. You can list for 150ETH, and get a bid for 75ETH, and you can close the deal right then. That’s how stormtoken.eth was sold.

3. No need to wait if the buyer and seller agrees on price. So, no artificial auction end date.
3. You keep the ownership of names until the payment is made. 
4. searchable by keywords, google indexing ( we submit names for search indexing, so google search can land the buyer on your listing page)

ENSListing cons:
1. Buyer not locked in after placing bid. They can back off anytime until they post payment
2. No ticking clock — no sense of urgency 
3. No insta-buy

From Buyers perspective:

NameBazaar — pros:

  1. Predictable. If a name is on sale, and you bid high, you are sure to get the name (seller can’t backoff)

NameBazaar — cons:

  1. Snipping. Once you start to bid on a name, you could be snipped. Say, you are planning a token launch, and you see the name listed for auction, the moment you start to bid, someone can snipe and bid higher.

ENSListing— pros:

  1. Larger inventory now
  2. Larger inventory later as well(ENSListing will also aggregate names listed in namebazaar and show them in search results, hyperlinked to name bazaar) [Future roadmap — coming soon]
  3. Like search — search for keywords, and see all related names, if you have flexibility over the name, you have more options
  4. One place to search for a name, buy top level if available, buy from auction if listed in any of the exchanges (ENSListing, Namebazaar, DomainSale, ENSNames, etc), or instantly buy a subdomain [Future roadmap — coming soon]

ENSListing— cons:

  1. A deal is not done until the very last moment. Seller can back off at any time.

In summary, ENSListing and NameBazaar take two different approaches to ENS Name Sale.

NameBazaar is like ebay, a true auction market.

ENSListing is modeled more like traditional DNS Secondary Market sale process, ENSListing acts like a quasi whois database (if you know what that is) — yet anonymous (you list your name for sale, and then choose to anonymously watch any number of names listed on the website). So, list and forget, when someone needs a name, they have a way to reach out, while you can still maintain your anonymity.

Also, ENSListing is not just an auction market place, the roadmap is to become a domain registration website, so imagine ENSListing to be the godaddy of ethereum.

Depending on your needs, feel free to choose the platform that will meet your needs.

Mano Samy

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