Story by Rupert Snook

Here comes the hero… Yeah, sure

Imagine this. A friend is having a hard time, and you want to support them. You decide to cook them a nice dinner. You spend a bit of time thinking about the healthiest ingredients to put in. You start feeling inspired. This dish is going to be healthy and delicious! Your friend is going to love it, and it’s going to be just what they need. What a great friend you are.

So you take your beautiful dinner over to your friend. But, they’re already eating. They look at you, confused. Why did you bring them…

Story by Rupert Snook, Malcolm Colman-Shearer and Charley Davenport; special guest Susan Basterfield

Chapter 1 — Malcolm, 2008

There was a dose of macabre pleasure in the stupid activity I was performing that day: my boss had asked me to print an unholy number of copies from a monthly report, so there I was waiting for the big printer to do my dark bidding. Someone had badly formatted the file — but only I seemed to notice. …

Story by Renato Inácio

He was fast asleep, and I had been staring at him for the past 40 minutes or such. From the outside, I’m sure it looked like some sort of dad and newborn son bonding moment. First trip parents have this habit of looking as mesmerized as their infants.

But the truth is, I was not really looking at him anymore. My vision was unfocused, my attention inwards. Three days after my firstborn first came to this strange world, I gave myself an unsolvable puzzle: “What do I need to teach this creature?”

This question brought things…

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