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Robonomics developers aim to allocate $720,000 for a 2-year lease of a slot in the Kusama network. This underlying amount of XRT will be distributed among the KSM holders who will support the project with their tokens at the upcoming auction of Polkadot’s wild cousin.

We are delighted to announce that this offer will be 1.5 times more profitable compared to KSM staking. Moreover, during the period of the next 2 years, we will be preparing for the Polkadot slot auction that is expected to be set within the $ 3.2–6.4 million price range.

Below you will…

Square root of XRT voters DAO on Aragon. This is our new community experiment, please be involved!

The team strongly recommends avoiding any p2p agreements, except publicly announced contests and discussions. From now on any important partnerships, community events, and funding requests from community to core dev DAO must be based on approved proposals in “Square root of XRT” voters DAO on Aragon.

Any XRT holder can join “Square root of XRT voters!” and receive DAO votes equivalent of… your right — square root of XRT. For example, if you have 100 XRT and you want to join the DAO you will receive 10 vote tokens.

Why Square root of XRT?

Quadratic voting is a pretty way to establish democracy approach in…


During the Hackusama — Hack on Polkadot’s Wild Cousin, our team has studied the UN Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies from 1979. On the basis of the studied material, it was proposed to consider the interplanetary architecture of the Kusama network and create software modules that implement article 6 “On freedom of scientific investigation”, article 7 “On preventing disruption of the existing balance of its environment” and article 9 “On the establishment of manned and unmanned stations”.

Robonomics network will provide two payment options for your IoT devices. First is a transaction fee model with the predictable cost of functions usage. The second model is a subscription. That model, under development right now and will perform a predictable high load to the network. Each payment model will have its token — transaction fee model, presented by XRT since 2018, and a subscription model will be presented by RWS token. One network with different protocol tokens is opening a new research topic — heterogeneous tokenomics in a decentralized network.

Why decentralized network is not free

Before we dive into payment models let’s say a…

Robonomics Web Services (RWS) are decentralized infrastructure services for Robotics and IoT working over the most promising web3 networks — Polkadot, Ethereum, IPFS and Filecoin. For industrial, consumer, and commercial solutions.

This article will give you common vision of components of Robonomics Web Services which our team made in last years and will make in Q3 — Q4 2020.

RWS IoT components: device software

  • EDGE computing: Aira OS. A NixOS-based Linux distributive with additional software for connecting devices to the Robonomics network made by our team. Aira OS is being developed since 2015 and has 24 releases on GitHub. It is declared stable and is…

For the past 2 weeks, we have been launching a new build of the robonomics parachain with the latest changes from cumulus. There is still a problem that is related to the consensus of collators, but we are moving forward and inviting you to join our testnet.

Parachain specification

The portal is available at the following link: https://parachain.robonomics.network

Telemetry service: https://telemetry.polkadot.io/#list/Robonomics

Robonomics node version: 0.18.4

Target block producing time: 6 sec

XRT genesis distribution: Ethereum mainnet snapshot at July 9th

Robonomics ready-to-test functions:

  • datalog(). Robonomics data blockchainization.
  • liability(). The first implementation of liability smart contract, existing in ethereum mainnet.

Dev team will…

In the Robonomics parachain we see a significant increase in bandwidth while maintaining an open and decentralized environment around the project. Robonomics will become faster, cheaper to use, but its users will be able to use the solutions of other parachains of the Polkadot and KUSAMA networks…

In the process of developing Robonomics, as a parachain, the core team of the project developers created a plan consisting of several events described below:

  • Launch of Dapp Lifetime Subscription
  • Robonomics Parachain Testnet
  • Robonomics.Network Subscription
  • ETH Lockdrop
  • Ethereum Mainnet Exodus
  • Launch of Robonomics Parachain CC1
  • Candle Auction Lockdrop
  • Robonomics Parachain on Kusama
  • Dutch…

From July Robonomics will be accessible for researchers for two years of free usage. Write us about your research interest and we will activate your account ASAP.

Available Robonomics Web Services for Your Project

  • RWS: PubSub Message Broker. Use unlimited messaging over a p2p network based on IPFS protocol.
  • RWS: Telemetry Blockchainization Service. Put data into IPFS and store hashes in a public blockchain.
  • RWS: Robot Actions. Switch on / off; launch or stop your IoT devices under control of decentralized computer.

Examples of R&D’s and articles around Robonomics 2015–2020


  • Start using Robonomics Parachain in the next 2 month after we will grant access to your account.
  • You should write us from your…

Robonomics Web Services (RWS) is decentralized infrastructure services over IPFS, Ethereum, and Polkadot for Robotics and IoT. For industrial, consumer, and commercial solutions.

Meet the first RWS IoT Core services

RWS is a state-of-the-art infrastructure that you will love. RWS lets connect devices easily and interact with user applications, cloud services, and other devices securely. No single point of failure, open-source, most interesting internet tech on a turn-key basis, and your freedom to use it in any place in the world. Truly global network for Robotics and IoT devices.

The first RWS IoT Core services over Robonomics Parachain:

  • RWS: PubSub Message Broker. Use unlimited messaging over a…

For over a year, Airalab developers have been developing Robonomics, a Substrate-based chain designed to control robotic and IoT devices. In May, the Robonomics team finished their first tests of Cumulus and plan to launch this chain as a Kusama parachain as soon as this is possible. The Robonomics parachain will allow the community to launch industrial manipulators, collect telemetry from sensors and create routes for autopilot drones using transactions.

This chain is an open source implementation of the Robot Operating System (“ROS”). ROS is the most famous robotics framework that is more than eight years old. Today it has…

Sergei Lonshakov

Blockchain+IoT projects developer, Robonomics platform architect

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