Anti-Democracy Forces Within the NO Campaign
Kurt H

Important Addendum:

The original article above might give the incorrect impression that the departure of the two staff organizers was solely due to the internal climate they faced. There were definitely other factors, including compensation and workload issues, that influenced their decision to leave.

In addition, there were some problematic interactions between one of the former staff organizers and senior leadership which appeared to have had a gendered component. I do not mean to imply that these problems should not have been addressed. My concern was that the conduct of one of the staff organizers, which could potentially have been resolved without their departure, was used to attack the very concept of having staff organizers.

So, to clarify, I am rejecting the argument that “staff member A is a jerk, therefore we should fire and not replace staff members A, B, C and D.” This conclusion does not follow, but some people did try to use this sloppy argument in lieu of an actual case against the effectiveness of staff organizers.

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