State of The Sphere — July Update (AVATARS)

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4 min readJul 15, 2022

We are working hard behind the scenes, and we are here to show you a preview of it.

AVATARs are an important part of Enter the Sphere. They are our gateway to the blockchain aspect of our game and metaverse and represent players in every action they do within it.

Therefore we have decided to focus a bit more on the upcoming AVATARs to give them a give players a true inter-connected web3 experience, where through Game-Fi, or playing PVP matches, players can increase the experience and level of their AVATARs; these stats will be stored on-chain, shaping great warriors within the universe of Enter the Sphere.

With the overhaul, had a new idea of giving the AVATARs a beautiful hyper-plastic look; this way, they can also be appreciated as a collectible element. Furthermore, since they are unique and randomly generated, we want to give them a huge aesthetic variety, highlighting their uniqueness and special traits.

After several days of thinking about whether we need to overhaul the look of the AVATARs, we have decided to ask you, our users, who will represent the Enter the Sphere community inside the Metaverse, what is the best option.

With nothing more to say, let’s look at the proof-of-concept of the Avatar’s rework.

Avatars — Races Rework


We will start with our bulky and tenacious warriors, The Frogs. A strong and technologically advanced race full of pride and a world to conquer.

They are physically our strongest race, so we want their Avatars to show that fierce tenacity and make them look like the unstoppable warriors they are.

Legacy Frog Avatars

These are our current models; in their current version, we can not appreciate the level of detail of our warriors, so we started to make some conceptual sketches to test how we want them to look, strong warriors need strong looks, so here we are.

Frogs Proof of Concept

Conceptual Sketch of Frog

Final results:

Frogs Rework


Let’s talk about the Libertarianis, our half-human, half-blockchain beings, the insane rebels of this new world. We want to highlight their particular characteristics, which is not quite possible nowadays due to the little detail we can give to their Avatars in their current form.

Old Libertarianis Avatars

In its current state, we can not see all its features and details, nor how advanced they are, so we started making some tests on the 3D models until we came up with these results.

Libertarianis work in progress

Libertarianis 3D Modeling

Final results:

Libertarianis Rework


The Athenians are the strong female fighters that remained after a long conflict on Earth. With their great skill in gunpower and advanced technology. These fearless women want to show much more of their strength in their Avatars.

Old Athenians Avatars

In the newer models, we can add sharper details and better lights and shadows to add more personality to their strong characters, giving their Avatars a closer approach to reality.

Athenians Rework

Final Thoughts: So that’s what the team has been working on and where we are headed now. We would love to hear what you think about getting in this direction, as well as what you think about our goals for the future.

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Enter the Sphere is a Collectible NFT Card JRPG where AVATARs fight to collect the Sphere’s most valued resource, ORB. Play, collect, and fight to be the strongest holder and show the world who is the ORB master. So what are you waiting for to join our universe?

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