State of The Sphere — July Update (AVATARS)

Avatars — Races Rework


We will start with our bulky and tenacious warriors, The Frogs. A strong and technologically advanced race full of pride and a world to conquer.

Legacy Frog Avatars
Conceptual Sketch of Frog
Frogs Rework


Let’s talk about the Libertarianis, our half-human, half-blockchain beings, the insane rebels of this new world. We want to highlight their particular characteristics, which is not quite possible nowadays due to the little detail we can give to their Avatars in their current form.

Old Libertarianis Avatars
Libertarianis 3D Modeling
Libertarianis Rework


The Athenians are the strong female fighters that remained after a long conflict on Earth. With their great skill in gunpower and advanced technology. These fearless women want to show much more of their strength in their Avatars.

Old Athenians Avatars
Athenians Rework

About Enter The Sphere

Enter the Sphere is a Collectible NFT Card JRPG where AVATARs fight to collect the Sphere’s most valued resource, ORB. Play, collect, and fight to be the strongest holder and show the world who is the ORB master. So what are you waiting for to join our universe?



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Enter The Sphere Metaverse

Enter The Sphere Metaverse

Sphere is an #NFTs Metaverse RPG on Blockchain. Players equip their AVATAR NFTs and hunt for collectible NFT loot in social games. Ready to Enter?