Christopher is still a hero.

Maybe he just wasn’t right for it.
  • Especially because it was NOT interesting.
“Wait -- isn’t waffle house open right now?” he considered. “I’m thirsty and they gotz the best turkey like mom used to make for us in the microwave.”

I think Christopher forgot to take his medicine today.

- Criss Cain

Criss Cain is the host of the soon-to-be critically acclaimed YouTube @YouTube chat show,“The Meaning of Life & Stuff.” He’s a Cancer, loves early Burton films & gets along fairly well with his roommates - who are currently doubling as his parents. Criss resides in Greensboro, NC, where he writes pieces for Criss Cain & whatever app this is… ocassionally he’ll perform for an audience of seventeen -- or three.

Talk is cheap. Walking is cheaper.

Enter Cain at your own risk…

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