The Scope of Automation Testing has a Promising Future

Since technology is advancing at a fast pace, the demand of getting projects done faster has increased more than ever. In order to get projects done fast, the processes followed during a software life cycle needs to become fast as well. In the area of testing, automation can be implemented to save time but only when used in long-term projects. When it comes to large scale testing, performing regression testing, automation is the way to go. Automation can be a good choice

Software Automation testing refers to the activities and efforts that intend to automate engineering tasks and operations in a software test process using well-defined strategies and systematic solutions. In other terms, automation testing uses automation tools to write and execute test cases, no manual involvement is required while executing the test suite. The main the importance or the aim of automation testing is that ,to free engineers from tedious and redundant manual testing operations , to speed up a software testing process, and to reduce software testing cost and time during a software life cycle ,to increase the quality and effectiveness of a software test process by achieving predefined adequate test criteria in a limited schedule The major key to the success of software automation to reduce manual testing activities and redundant test operations using a systematic solution to achieve a better testing coverage.

There are a number of essential benefits from test automation like Increases the software quality, Reduce manual software testing operations and eliminate redundant testing efforts, Produce more systematic repeatable software tests, Reduction of repetitive work and generate more consistent testing results ,Greater consistency. Execute much more software tests and achieve a better testing coverage in a very limited schedule. Increases in the productivity and so on

A Software Test Automation Process Plan Software Test Automation Select and Evaluate Available Software Testing Tools Develop & Implement Test Automation Solutions Design Test Automation Strategies & Solutions Introduce and Deploy Test Automation Solutions Review and Evaluate Software Test Automation.

Automation testing allows you to test the application with the help of any automation testing tools as per your requirements. But it can also be converted to a tedious work if the tester is unaware of the programming languages. Automation testing can be performed with any of the preferred languages of your choice. So, before starting with automation testing, learn any language and then start. In that case, it won’t take much of your time while writing test scripts and can provide you efficient results within the allotted time. After then, any changes made by the developers, you will be easy to reuse your test scripts within many efforts. That means the script that is written once can be used every time easily.

Automation has gained popularity over the years and will gain more popularity in the near future, but manual testing is still used in many projects. Some processes simply cannot be automated. Therefore, manual testing is not going to be vanished in the future instead it will walk side by side with automated testing!


Main Objective or importance of Manual testing will always be there . Yes automation is more required these days and also in future but you can’t automate without doing manual testing or You can’t do automation testing without knowing about manual testing . I believe Manual testing is the key for automation testing and will remain so.

Hemant Rao,
QA Engineer,

Pacewisdom Solutuions Pvt Ltd