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  • Andra Oprișan

    Andra Oprișan

    Design Strategist. I analyse stuff and have opinions about it.

  • Data Decisioning

    Data Decisioning

    Why data? Good outcomes depend on good decisions, which depend on good data. The decision value chain is giving up its secrets. Let's have fun figuring out how.

  • Sebastien Malo

    Sebastien Malo

    UX/HF professional

  • oyman ezzat

    oyman ezzat

    Adding Values — Solving Problems — Making the difference

  • Jelto von Schuckmann

    Jelto von Schuckmann

  • Jan Chipchase

    Jan Chipchase

    Founder, Studio D Radiodurans. Writing at the intersection of design, human behaviour & culture @janchip

  • thomas medhurst

    thomas medhurst

    Product Designer @bugcrowd

  • John Beck

    John Beck

    Curious leader, husband to an amazing woman, father of 3 wondrous children, and living in Minnesota, USA.

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