Improve Your eCommerce Website Structure with These Useful Tips

How well your eCommerce website is structured plays a major role in the overall user experience. It also helps in the SEO of your website. Your site structure should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should able to attract new customers to sign up for a newsletter and get more sales.

We will now look at some tips to improve your eCommerce website structure:

Create A Hierarchy Before Moving Further

If you are creating a new eCommerce site from starting or even if you are optimizing your existing site, having a hierarchy in place will help take better decisions. You can use a whiteboard or a spreadsheet program like excel or google drive spreadsheets. The hierarchy can contain several subcategories but mind that every field should somehow relate to the main category.

Hierarchy for an eCommerce site will look like this. It’s just an example otherwise an eCommerce hierarchy is much more dense.


Use Your Hierarchy To Create A URL Structure

A good URL structure helps to attract overall traffic to your site. It will help you to create a well-developed website structure.

Make the URL structure of your website you want to develop follow the hierarchy of your website.

A keyword dense URL structure can be beneficial for your store. It will help search engines to easily interpret your website. Also, it will benefit to showcase your branding.

Suppose this is an hierarchy for an eCommerce store.


Now the URL for the London page will look like this.

Test Your Site Structure

Testing your site structure is important to know where and how much optimization is required in the site structure. Various methodologies can be used to test your site structure.

One method is testing how far web pages are from your home page. This will help to know how many clicks is required to complete a task. Completing a task in less number of steps is likeliness of a good user experience.

A more effective way to test your site structure is via card sorting. It helps to understand the mindset of your target customers. It directly integrates the user with the sitemap you generate in the past. When you completed testing for around 15 users, you will be able to analyze what you should change in your site structure.


Keep Your Coding Simple

More use of HTML and CSS will help to keep your code simple. This will help to enhance the SEO of your eCommerce website. Simple code can be easily modified to more advanced coding from basic one. Coding more with Javascript, Flash and Ajax will make it difficult for crawlers to navigate throughout the site hierarchy.


Place Your Top Products On Home Page

Listing your top products on the homepage will be very helpful for your customers. Maximum traffic will be coming to your homepage when compared to other pages. Search engines consider a webpage with more traffic i.e, homepage to rank you better in search results. For a better understanding, think of the site hierarchy. If the search engine starts interpreting from the top page, it will be carried to the other pages in a better way, ensuring no web page gets missed.


Fix Broken Links

CMS platforms like Wordpress have now made it easier for people to make changes to a website without hiring a professional. A higher number of broken links can be harmful for your website.

Too many broken links on a webpage can negatively affect its search engine rankings.

To fix your broken links, you need to first find them. Google analytics can be used to fix broken links. You can set the period of time in which you want to find the broken links. Next, create a report on your broken link redirect process. You can use microsoft excel for maintaining this report. You can export the report to excel from Google analytics. Analyse the report and decide which pages should be fixed. Now you can fix your broken links in the CMS you use.


While developing an eCommerce website for your business, you must ensure that its structure is optimised of search engines. You must make sure that the navigation is user-friendly and simplified. Get help from a professional eCommerce web development company for an optimised website for your business.