Tips To Build an email list for your eCommerce Store

Email marketing is the most effective and cost-efficient way to increase your business. It all starts with building an email list. Building and maintaining an email list offers numerous benefits for your eCommerce store.

Why should you build an Email List?

Contact your Customers

Having an email list makes it easy to contact your customers anytime. Staying in touch with your potential and existing customers can help you to improve conversions and get more sales.

Helps in segmenting your Audience

Segmenting your audience gets easy with an email list. Segmenting helps you to run customised campaigns for your business. If your store deals in a product used by a specific age group and sold within a specific location, then segmentation can help you identify your most suitable potential customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Use your Email list to build a relationship with your audience. Emails are directly delivered to a customer’s inbox. Use this as an advantage by crafting personalized emails for each segmented group. No other group will be able to view your emails except the one you are targeting.

Here are some interesting tips to build an email list for your eCommerce store:

Discounts And Coupons

Persuade your customers by offering tempting discounts and coupons. Provide discounts on your most trending and popular products. As soon as the user clicks on the discount tab, ask them to share their email address. Provide an option for them to opt in for your email newsletter.

A popular Chinese eCommerce store “AliExpress” is offering a $100 coupon code on joining.

As soon as I clicked on “Get Your Coupons”, I got redirected to an online form. The the form asked me for my contact details.

Run Contests

Contests are not only meant for branding and increasing engagement. You can also use them to collect emails. Use a platform that allows running contests or do it yourself. Target the audience which you think will show maximum engagement and promote on social platforms where such audience exists. Set a maximum limit for your early winners. Provide a prize that’s relevant to your brand.

Get the users who participate, to share their contact details. Also, mention that the results of the contest will be provided by email.

A lifestyle store offered cowboy boots worth $199.99 to the contest winner.


Pop-ups at the Right Time

Pop-ups are a great way to build your email list. Trigger a pop-up as soon as a visitor abandons your shopping cart or leaves a product page, to get more email leads.

Personalize your pop-ups for targeted customers. Deliver a pop-up as per the product category that user is mostly viewing.


Email Subscription Landing Pages

Promote your deals using a landing page and get users to share their contact details. Showcase the benefits your email subscription has to offer. Improve your chances of getting more opt-ins by showcasing benefits to your users. There are plenty of ways that you can consider.

  • Daily Tips
  • Featured and Discounted Products
  • Reviews
  • Discount Coupons

Look at this email subscription landing page by a knife store.


Conduct Surveys

Online surveys are always compelling for your visitors. Feedbacks, good or bad can improve your market reputation. A good survey should start with a compelling introduction. Before starting with the survey, you can promote your users to share their contact details. Surveys can be conducted pre-sales or post sales. Pre-sales survey can include questions like:

  • What are you looking for?

Make them choose the categories in which they’re most interested. It will allow you to collect emails and also know the products that each segment of users is looking for.

  • How did you know about our store?

Visitors should choose from friends or relatives, online channels, newspapers, social media. It also helps you to know the channel which is directing most traffic to your store.

  • Will you refer us to your friends?

If the answer is yes, ask them to provide emails of 3–4 friends or relatives.

  • Why did you choose us?


Integrate With CRM to Collect Emails

  1. Combine your lead source directly to a CRM or Email List Manager. Even Gmail can be linked, but its storage capacity is limited.
  2. You can then automate customized email campaigns for each of your customer segments.

If you are looking to automate the process of email list building for your eCommerce store, then you must get in touch with an eCommerce consulting and development company to help you with expert services.

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