Ana Lossada takes fans of The Walking Dead on a virtual journey in stellar 360° teaser

John Michaels
4 min readNov 2, 2017
Ana Lossada

In the past, the idea of virtual reality appeared to be a futuristic pipe dream. It was idealized by science fiction films and comic books, but seemed to remain out of the realm of possibilities in this lifetime. As technology rapidly advanced over the last decade, however, tech moguls were itching to explore the possibility of creating experiences out of virtual reality. The concept is still fairly foreign to most members of society, but for motion graphic designers like Ana Lossada, the idea of using virtual reality to stimulate the minds of an audience was mouthwatering. Her creative mind is always looking for new ways to improve viewer experiences and her aptitude for mastering new technologies make her the prime candidate to help pioneer this exciting new medium.

In September 2016, an opportunity arose for Lossada to create a 360° virtual reality experience for AMC’s, The Walking Dead, and she simply could not resist the opportunity to experiment with the concept. This was not the first time, however, that Lossada had lent her expertise to the network’s show. In 2015, Lossada was tasked with creating a graphic package for the wildly popular television show’s two-hour television special, The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far. This package included a main title sequence, a set typeface, lower thirds, transitional elements, as much more. When she pitched her idea to AMC, they were over the moon and eager to see how she would bring her visions to life on-screen. From brainstorming to production, Lossada took creative charge of the package and worked tirelessly to ensure that the special had a remarkably artistic storyline.

“I loved the creative charge I had throughout the entire project. I was required to take into consideration the mood that AMC wanted the opening sequence to have, as well as the storyline and color space that it needed to follow. Each component was essential to developing a cohesive sequence and I was very mindful of that throughout the entire process. The final sequence revealed little hints amongst a consistent mood and homogenous tones. Ultimately, my designs were utilized and I put a ton of effort into ensuring that the designs I implemented into the opening were reflective of the original show as well as the special,” recalls Lossada.

Following her work for The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far, Lossada was approached by a previous client, Big Machine, to be the mastermind behind VR: 360° Experience for The Walking Dead. This time, AMC set their sights on creating an original teaser for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. They wanted to engage their fan base in a way that no other television show had done so far, and what better way to do so than by using virtual reality? For this project, Lossada was asked to experiment with virtual reality in order to create a 360° Walking Dead experience that simulates the idea of being attacked by zombies. Given the nature of the show’s content and their large fan base, AMC were confident that it would generate a large viewership and ultimately, lots of talk within the entertainment. Fortunately, they were right. Upon releasing VR: 360° Experience, it went on to receive over two and a half million views worldwide.

“Seeing the look of astonishment on people’s faces as they wonder exactly how I animated or designed this project made all of the hard work worthwhile. I have always believed that the entertainment industry, particularly the creative side of the business, has the power to convey such powerful emotions and messages. I love using my knowledge and skill set to bring these feelings and experiences to the general public and leave an everlasting mark on the industry,” gushes Lossada.

After experiencing the teaser, it feels nearly impossible to imagine that this was Lossada’s first time working with virtual reality. Despite the challenging nature of the software that goes into creating a virtual reality experience, Lossada managed to replace and remove certain shots to make the footage appear seamless and she used a rotoscoping technique in order to arrange elements of live action in order to better the final experience for fans. Due to the show’s pristine reputation, AMC were expecting only the highest quality of content and to their amazement, Lossada exceeded those expectations. Her fellow animator, Natalie Eagan, saw first-hand how essential Lossada was to the project’s success and is glad to have had the opportunity to learn alongside such an exceptionally talented motion graphics designer.

“Ana is a fantastic designer and a pleasure to work with. She has a great eye for design and can take a 3D raw render into a miraculous finished product. I very rarely meet and work with individuals as talented as she is. She is an invaluable asset to whatever company gets the pleasure of having her,” tells Eagan.

Lossada continues to explore different technologies and skill sets in her field wherever possible and is fortunate to be able to work in an ever-changing profession with new learning opportunities appearing on a daily basis. At this point in her career, she is working toward creating her own company and teaching other motion graphic designers to create projects with the same level of quality as she is known to produce. She is a rare addition to the design community and other designers would be lucky to learn from her.

In the meantime, continue to check out Lossada’s work. She worked on the new behind-the-scenes episode The Walking Dead: Behind the Dead, which premiered just last month. Watch it here.