Artist Sasinun Kladpetch merges humanity and nature with “50|50” exhibit

Sasinun Klapetch

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Sasinun Klapetch began drawing and painting at a very young age. At the time, she would watch her father and her grandfather woodwork and build masterpieces out of scrap pieces; even though she was just a child, she was fascinated. This passion still continues today, and with fans all around the world, she has become a celebrated visual artist.

“I love making things by hand and I like to think outside the box. Art give me the ability to create and experiment in every form. I can expose every part of myself through art,” said Kladpetch.

Her work has been seen at many prestigious exhibitions and venues, such as Biotics at Dab Art, the DZINE Gallery, Hang Art, and the Hospitality House Auction last year. She travels the world doing what she loves and inspires others with her work. She believes being an artist means to never stop studying human nature, and she allows herself to be moved by other artists.

“I love going to gallery openings or art related events. It’s something that keeps me motivated. Even if the medium of work is different than mine, it’s always something I can learn from,” she said.

One of her first acclaimed projects in America was the 50|50 exhibition at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, California. A select 69 artists were challenged to create 50 6x6 inch pieces over fifty days to be presented and sold at the exhibition. 50|50 is a project that challenges each artist to make one piece of artwork a day. Hundreds applied, but Kladpetch was one of those chosen to showcase their talent.

While working, the artists would routinely meet to bring samples of their work and brainstorm about the project, wanting each artist to complement each other. They discussed the installation, label, pricing, and the event. Being able to showcase her artistry while supporting other artists was one of the best parts of the event for Kladpetch.

“It was one of the most rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable art-making processes I have ever participated in,” she said.

Kladpetch’s “50|50” collection

The concept behind the project was about surroundings, and because Sanchez Art Center is near the Pacific Ocean, Kladpetch wanted to highlight the materials of the area. She combined driftwood that she saw on the beach as the symbol of nature with concrete to symbolize man-made structures. She was inspired by those who live in the city and on the weekend, craving nature, they head to Pacifica for hiking or surfing. In her opinion, this is humankind and nature coexisting beautifully together.

The 50|50 Show is more than a juried competition. It’s a creative challenge that artists take on to push their boundaries and produce a large amount of work based in a condensed and very specific time frame. Sasinun met the challenge without a blink of an eye. It was a pleasure to have her at Sanchez Art Center during installation and the exhibition. Her sculptures are an intriguing mix of hard and soft elements that define our environment in a surprising way. She is professional and gracious,” said Cindy Abbot, Executive Director of the Sanchez Art Gallery.

Through her work with the 50|50 Exhibition, Kladpetch was proud to have influenced people’s perspective of the concept behind her work. She achieved her bold statement of having the audience look at man-made material and natural material in different perspectives than they were originally. She sold over 13 pieces on opening night alone and raised thousands for the organization.

Being a Thai artist and becoming a large success not only in California, but all over the world, Kladpetch finds herself living the dream she had since she was a child. Art is a way of life for her rather than simply a career or a past time, and she encourages all those with a similar passion to follow their hearts.

“You have to keep working until you find what you love, and when you find it you won’t feel like working because you love what you do. You will enjoy what you do. The more you work the better you become. And the moment that you are standing next to your work in any exhibition, that is the moment you will know everything is worth it,” she advised.

Keep an eye out for Kladpetch’s work and stay up-to-date by checking out her website.