No matter what your vocation, the trait that leads to major success is innovation. You might be Thomas Edison, you might be Vera Wang, or even George Lucas…whatever your path, finding a new way to manifest and create something already envisioned but not honed to a new level is what makes the public happy and leads to your own notoriety. Steve Jobs didn’t create the computer but he had ideas about how to take it to another level. The Beatles didn’t create rock & roll but they touched almost every part of the world with their unique version. There’s another native to Liverpool who is making a stir in London in his creative industry, colorist and stylist Daniel Doyle. The recipient of Sassoon’s prestigious Color Award and a very in demand artist for such global events as the Paris Haute Couture Fashion week and his native country’s London Fashion week, Daniel finds himself immersed in a community of creative individuals which foster new ideas. The process of discovering new looks is intrinsic to professionals in his industry but is not found as frequently in the approach to color. It’s for this very reason that Doyle’s “Chelsea Glow” is attracting so much attention. While the industry is standing and taking note of Daniel’s modern approach, it’s the ladies and gentlemen of London who are creating a buzz purely by word of mouth.

Hair color is no different from technology, fashion, and the other facets of our life that are constantly evolving. In the nineties, the desired look for highlights was chunky…the more, the better. Those who took the time to create the appearance they wanted were aiming to be obvious and make a bold statement about it. When it came to highlights, the goal was to be forthright about having their hair colored. In the following decade, subtler highlights came into vogue (a somewhat traditional and more demure approach).

A major change occurred when the techniques known as Balayage and Ombre came onto the scene. The style known as Ombre derives its title from the French word for shadow. This subtle technique is most often used for brunettes. Ombre is more noticeable than Balayage. The two are very similar but Balayage leaves dark pieces underneath to create a feeling of depth and dimension for a more natural look. Both of these techniques marked a decidedly difference in the desired aesthetic by the public.

It only makes sense that the progression would continue from this point. Customers who came to Doyle’s salon in London noted that while they liked the natural look of these techniques, but weren’t completely content with one part of it. Daniel reports that he was hearing, “I love this technique but I’m just not used to seeing so much of my natural up top.” He adds, “You can make someone as bright and blonde as you like on their ends but if it feels dark when they put their hair up you’ve got a problem. I was hearing a lot of this.”

Any career involved in an individual’s appearance requires making that person as content as possible. When Doyle received these comments, he got together with the team at his salon (Neville’s in London) and got to work creating a solution. The answer was the Chelsea Glow. For clients who are torn between a full head of color or highlights, the Chelsea Glow will allow one to still have partial color (minimal upkeep) but walk out feeling as though the whole head has brightened; the perfect compromise. This is achieved by lightening and brightening around the face but also slightly lifting the natural base that can be missed with the traditional classic highlight technique. This technique also works to achieve a cleaner, brighter blonde as opposed to the yellow blonde that is often achieved. The look is created by placing the blonde parts in either with foil or free hand and then lifting the base by a shade or two. The intention is to achieve the same look that happens naturally without the time required or possible over exposure to skin damaging rays. The Chelsea Glow mimics the sun’s effects which lifts color in a very subtle and clean way; no streaks or harsh lines, just blended and beautiful.

Pictured — Blogger & Youtube star Scarlett

The response has been staggering. Doyle became known as the man to head to for to get the Chelsea Glow, largely by word of mouth. The men and women of London who want to look and feel their best are very familiar with the name Daniel Doyle these days. Doyle is an affable and conversational person but regards his work as serious. It’s his mission to have every client feeling a little more positive about themselves when they leave his salon. He communicates, “To carry out the technique required for the Chelsea Glow you need to have a high skill level and a very good eye. The trick is to lift the client’s natural hair but not too much. You want a lift but not so much that when the hair grows out the client is left with a re-growth mark. It’s about knowing when enough is enough and picking the right product to carry this out. One of the most exciting things about creating the Chelsea Glow is giving the client something they’ve never been offered before. Most of the clients have had partial color, leaving natural hair or a full head of tinted color but never a combination of many techniques, giving the client a lived in/ bright yet still soft blonde.”

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