John Michaels
Sep 6, 2017 · 5 min read

For some people, their profession is something to which they have learned to mold themselves. It’s a means of making a living and supporting themselves in order to have an existence in society. For others, their vocation is an extension of their very personality and the way in which they are able to express the things that they need to manifest in life. The former is a way to live and the latter is a life to be lived. Neo Tran is most certainly the latter. A person of intrinsic artistic perspective who grew up in a business minded family, Tran is the perfect blending of his generation’s interest, his own individual temperament, and his family’s understanding of how the world works. He is able to use his talents to help others create the look and the productivity they need while simultaneously fulfilling his own vision…in addition to helping some of the causes he believes in. It seems that Neo is living proof that in today’s world one can be productive, artistic, and aid others all at the same time.

Neo works as a Graphic Designer and UI/UX Designer. Most of his work can be explained as someone who works in tech and web-based environments to create the look of and assist in the ease of use with internet based services that are ubiquitous in society. Making these services easier to digest as well as more aesthetically pleasing sounds a bit like having your cake and eating it too.

Tran grew up in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) in Vietnam. Both his parents were involved in professions that involved finance. Their assumptions that their son would follow in their footsteps was quickly thwarted when he announced that he would become a designer (at a very young age). This story encapsulates Tran from all sides; respectfully independent, driven, artistic, and yet practically minded. His teen years fostered these dreams as he became the person to know among his peers with his early facility in Photoshop created impressive looking blog themes that were desired by all.

Formally educated with a BA, Neo’s proficiency as a Graphic Designer and UI/UX Design led to many opportunities in the exponentially increasing field of web-based businesses. Corelogic is a company which works with several real estate entities such as:, RealQuest Professional, Rental Property Solutions, and others. Corelgoic turned to VDSLA to assist them in modernizing their presentation to their partners as well as those of the customers of these partners. As part of VDSLA, Neo created an interface for Corelogic that would also allow the companies under their umbrella to create an individualized and aesthetically pleasing site. Just as importantly, the design and look needed to be easy to use and bug proof. Neo constructed a highly intuitive structure for the site. VDSLA’s Stephanie Dillon states, “Neo is truly a well-grounded designer with an outstanding eye for design and skills to match. In particular, the system of color choices, content bands, and web components which he designed for Corelogic was exceptional. It was his job to enable those using this tool to appear as if they were consummate professionals, which he did exceedingly well. I couldn’t speak more highly of Neo’s abilities and positive demeanor.”

VDSLA was so impressed with Tran’s work on Corelogic that they decided to have him redesign and modernize their own website, updating the style of the VDSLA website as well as insuring that it performed equally well on a variety of platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile). Because users have different preferred means my which to access a website, Neo focused on solving issues with screen size and key functionality to enable the site in presenting the exceptional work of VDSLA. To gain the trust of current and potential clients, it was paramount for the look and function of all these varying avenues to operate exceedingly well and with great ease. VDSLA Art Director Leny Evangelista remarks, “One of the most important traits which Neo possesses is his willingness to take initiative. Rather than wait to be told that something needs to be fixed or that there might be a better way to present it, he is tenacious in his search for the optimal way. It’s such an admirable and desirable quality!”

Tran is not solely focused on huge companies and furthering his career. As a talented professional and a Vegan of some years now, Neo worked with SoCal Vegfest to assist them in having the materials they needed and that these were presented in a way which would rival any multimillion-dollar company. Often perception is reality and Tran wanted this cause which means so much to him to attain the reality of being a viable option to many in the community. He helped create as well as educate others involved in the preparation of Vegfest in regards to the many visual aids required to make the event become the success that it is. He went a step further in using the latest technology to increase enjoyment and awareness of the event. Neo explains, “I created simplified images of cows, chickens, fruits, and vegetables vectors and then put them in a snapchat-sized-template. I had to be mindful of the coverage area so I left ample room in the center of the design for people to take their photos. I designed it to be simple enough that the file wouldn’t be too large to submit. Once I had the finalized image file with transparent layer underneath, I submitted it to Snapchat using the Geofilter function on their site. I had to draw a parameter of the location of where and when the filter would be available and then submitted it. I was happy that Snapchat, Socal Vegfest organizers, and myself all really liked it and approved.” If the world were a place where everyone was able to take use their talent to their own enjoyment and betterment as well as those of others…it would be a world of varying versions of Neo Tran.

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