Francois Angoston goes from boxer to model

Francois Angoston in SanMar catalogue

Francois Angoston did not always know he was going to be a model. His first career was as a boxer, and he even moved to Paris to be a part the French national boxing team. This first love, however, perfectly catered to his second love of modeling. When he made the decision to transition to modeling, it came naturally, and this innate talent quickly earned him a reputation as one of the best.

Throughout his esteemed modeling career, Angoston has represented some of the world’s biggest brands. He has modeled for Macy’s, showcased Nike, and worked with Skechers. His innate talent combined with his perfect work ethic have allowed him to rise to the top of the modeling field. The Guadeloupian native remains humble, and is just happy to do what he loves each day.

“I feel grateful being a model, honored and also proud. Having the biggest brands wanting to work with you and represent their brand is a big personal satisfaction. I enjoy working with people from different horizons, as it’s always good for your knowledge, your vision on life, and your personal culture. When you’re working with a brilliant team of people, where ideas come together, it can be so inspiring and joyful for everyone,” said Angoston.

While working with the famous department store JC Penney, Angoston represented to brand online, in catalogues, and in television commercials. He still remembers the day he started working with the department store, saying he will never forget it.

“I tried a few clothes on but the jeans they gave me were way too short. We had a good laugh with the stylist, I changed and they took a few pictures of me on set while asking me many questions. Since then, they have booked me almost every week for months, even years. How way too short pants and a good laugh led into a long and amazing business relationship still is great to me,” he said.

Initially, Angoston wanted to work with JC Penney because it is one of the biggest brand in the country, something all models strive for. However, after working with them regularly, he began to realize there was much more enjoyable aspects to the job.

“Working with JCP is also like working with a big family. They really care about you and make sure you are ok at all time. From traveling, hotel, food to when you’re on set shooting, they made me feel comfortable every single minute and I was always happy to be in that super friendly and nice environment of that amazing team,” he described. “I always love the atmosphere when being around the JC Penney team. Sometimes I saw them way more than my friends, but they always give me a familiar feeling and we already spent great times together and were able to look at very cool productions.”

Angoston had a similar feeling when working with SanMar, an award-winning supplier of 16 retail and private brands of apparel and accessories, including Port Authority, America’s number one preferred private label. SanMar is the exclusive distributor of Nike Golf, Eddie Bauer, OGIO, and New Era.

Francois Angoston (right) in SanMar campaign

“SanMar is another big client which I really wanted to work with. I like the fact that it’s a family business and that it shows up a long history. They care a lot about the environment and social responsibility,” said Angoston. “Seeing the same team every year being as much enthusiastic as they were the year before — that’s what I really love about SanMar. I love when I can really feel that energy of passion for what they do. We went to some very nice locations to shoot, for example in South Beach, Miami. Such an amazing time.”

Angoston has performed a leading and critical role for SanMar’s lead brand, Port Authority, as a model for the catalogues and look books for the last four years. He has modeled every category of item, including beanies, pants, shirts, jackets, sweaters, button-ups, and polos, and styles ranging from business casual, to formalwear, to young professional, to employee outfits, and many more. His versatility perfectly captures every item he shows off.

“The team has always been great and we shoot every year in many different locations. I enjoy seeing the result in their catalogues every year. It’s always a fun environment and the people around have a great energy that makes you feel confident and natural on set even when you’re tired from all the traveling for example.

The Creative Manager of SanMar, Nancy Hauer, believes Angoston’s work has directly contributed to their sales after his campaigns. She was initially impressed with many of his other high-profile projects, including Belk, Pendleton, Kohl’s, Express Gifts, Bonobos, IZOD, and many more. However, after working with him, it was Angoston’s skills that impressed her.

Francois’ exotic and youthful charisma brought a great deal of energy to the Port Authority brand, and this has resulted in boosts of sales revenue for the company throughout the numerous times Francois has modeled for our catalogs. Francois has a unique look and gravitating aura that make him stand out among other top models, and this, consequentially, makes our products stand out among the market, and this has made Francois highly valuable to Port Authority, and to SanMar as a whole,” said Hauer. “It has been a tremendous pleasure to be able to work with such a unique and expressive model as Francois Angoston throughout these years.”

There is no doubt the nation, and the rest of the world, can expect to continue seeing Angoston’s face representing the world’s biggest brands for years to come.