There’s a great deal of chatter these days about artist speaking out from the stage with their personal opinions. It’s nothing new that performers and entertainers do this. The very essence of an artist is to be passionate about life and their experiences. While many of her fellow entertainers are speaking about their political views, singer/songwriter Mackenzie Dayle prefers to speak about, and partake in, efforts to help those less fortunate than herself. Dayle is quick to note that she has led a very happy life growing up in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and feels that it’s only natural for her to contribute to helping out others. While others may be content to bask in the adoration of fans and insulate themselves from the unpleasant situations in life, Mackenzie seems to run straight towards them. She shares a connection with causes like InsideOut (an anti-bullying campaign on which Dayle co-headlined the E-Power Anti Bullying Tour) or a cause from a world away such as the “Building Dreams” Benefit Concert (which raises funds to build homes in the Dominican Republic), Mackenzie’s songwriting and powerful live performances increase positivity on-stage and long after. While the subject matter of the songs on her Give Me Some Action full-length release tell stories of her feminine perspective in society, they also comment on the ability of all people to dream of and strive towards a better future. It bares mentioning that she also reveals her own personal trials and vulnerabilities in songs like “Look Who’s Laughing” and “Sorry You Missed It.” It might be true that Dayle is a focused artist who is working tirelessly to further her career but it is also true that she always takes time to be involved in causes that lead to furthering better lives for others.

Mark Rosner (CEO and manager of Rosner Management Services) has worked with Mackenzie for a while now. As a respected professional in the Canadian music scene, it’s his job to seek out and work with the elite of the music industry (Rosner also works with Musik and Film Records, known for their work with some of music’s most regarded artists, such as Lynyrd Skynrd, Ozzy Osbourne, and Duran, along with many others). Getting to know the artist means understanding their sympathetic leanings. Rosner knew that the Mackenzie would have a strong pull towards working with InsideOut and he became the link that placed her on the E-Power Anti Bullying School Tour. Dayle co-headlined the tour with fellow Canadian Paul Woida. Mackenzie reveals, “This program definitely has a very strong place in my heart and I involved myself with it for that reason. I’ve been pursuing my music career since around the age of five and have experienced my fair share of bullying because of it. I learned early on not to let it bother me, but I saw so many people who let it affect them on a deep level. I saw many people growing up who stopped doing the things they loved in order to be ‘normal’ and keep the bullies at bay. I think that’s terribly wrong. I want to do my part in empowering youth to stay true to themselves no matter what and to not let hurtful words or actions dull their shine. I want to encourage them to treat others with respect, even if they’re ‘different.’ I want them to know that it’s okay to be different. I’ve seen incredible results with this program so far, which is really encouraging.” Perhaps the most pertinent song of this tour was “Look Who’s Laughing” from Give Me Some Action. The song tells of Dayle’s personal experiences with bullies and those who put her down for pursuing a creative career from an early age. “Look Who’s Laughing” is an anthem for those who have experienced or continue to experience this type of dissuasion and oppression and encourages them to love themselves in spite of those who would have them feel unworthy. The electronic-pop “Will You Ever Be Mine (ft. ATL)” gives evidence to the young demographic of this tour of their potential, considering Mackenzie wrote the songs when she was only eleven years old. The song also appears on Give Me Some Action and lets young audiences know that what they are doing now could lead to success in the future for them…if they pursue their dreams as Dayle has done.

While Mackenzie has performed on bills with International artists Mia Martina, Kardinal Offishal, and others (rubbing elbows with the like of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith), she has become internationally conscious of the plights of others around the world. As an artist who is driven to “put her money where her mouth is”, Dayle has become involved in performing at the Building Dreams Concert and has performed multiple times at this annual event. Mackenzie notes, “The first year of the show, I was approached by Kelci Tookey (one of the creators/directors of the show) and she was telling me about this show she was trying to put on to fundraise towards building homes in the Dominican Republic. The more she told me about the conditions that these people live in, the more I felt a strong need to help and contribute to the cause. She invited me to perform and I heartily accepted. I was very excited to be a part of such an amazing cause. Since then, the event has only grown, and each year and I’m delighted to be a part of it.” Tookey comments, “Mackenzie Dayle performed the leading and critical role as a singer-songwriter for our company’s “Building Dreams” Benefit Concert. Mackenzie commanded the stage with such prowess, and her on-stage charisma rocked the crowd to their feet. Her ability to have the crowd in the palm of her hand while surprising even myself with spur of the moment improvisation made for an awe-inspiring performance.” Dayle’s composition “Make a Change” gives insight into why this artist takes time out from her recording and touring schedule to be involved in these type of productions. She notes, “This song is about doing your part in making a positive change in the world. I have always believed in standing up for what you believe in and doing what you can to support causes you feel strongly towards. It’s about never giving up and being the change you want to see in the world. This song is a big inspiration to me, and always helps encourage me to continue to fight for a better world.”

Mackenzie’s music is not always centered around society’s needs and ills, sometimes she is just being the woman leading her life. “Turn It Up” is about being in the moment and not thinking about anything more than enjoying a time when everything seems fine. The dance-club vibe is infectious and musically communicates exactly what the lyrics state. “Flames in the Dark” discusses the romantic situations any adult can find themselves in. This song (as well as others) was written and recorded with singer/songwriter Wendy Starland (who discovered Lady Gaga) in Los Angeles. The experiences she had in LA have made Mackenzie quite fond of the US, so much that she is now considering a relocation. Dayle professes, “The US is simply a place with endless possibilities. You go there and really do something big. It’s a very exciting place to be, and you feel like you have the world at your fingertips. It’s an enticing feeling. I also love that there are so many dedicated and talented people there. I love to be surrounded by those who have a dream and work hard to get it; that pushes me to keep going as well.”