Makeup artist Jen Tioseco is living her dream

Jen Tioseco (left) with model Madeleine Keating (right)

Jen Tioseco has a wonderful ability to make people feel beautiful with her work, something that in today’s world is seemingly becoming harder and harder to feel. She brings happiness, and has the ability to transform. She is a storyteller, with a makeup brush as her pen. She creates beauty, and inspires others to appreciate it. She is an outstanding professional makeup artist.

Tioseco’s initial interest in makeup started in her teenage years, when she discovered the power that feeling pretty had in overcoming her self-confidence issues. She then began experimenting with different products, practicing on her friends’ faces. Seeing their reactions, she knew she had to make makeup her career.

“I love having the ability to transform a person’s look. I wanted to be able to share my passion for makeup on a fulltime basis. I never do anything with half a heart, so the ability to share this passion left no doubt in my mind I wanted to be a professional Makeup Artist,” she said.

Tioseco definitely made the right career choice. She is one of the best recent Canadian makeup artists, with a resume filled with success. She has recently done the makeup for two popular music videos by singer Dani LeRose, as well as a nationwide campaign for the athletic shoe brand Saucony. Despite this success, she remains humble, and is just happy to be doing what makes her happy.

“I love so many things about being a professional makeup artist. The client’s reaction when they see their final look for the first time and the confidence they have warms my heart. If I am working on an editorial, seeing my work in print never gets old. Knowing that I contributed to something that is going to inspire others, that I potentially set a trend, is so exciting,” she said.

Last year, Tioseco got to experience that sensation once again when working on a shoot for the iconic ION magazine. Being from Vancouver, ION was well known to her, and she knew when she was offered to work on the shoot, she couldn’t turn it down.

“As a Vancouverite, ION always screamed cool to me. I used to look at it in my favorite clothing store and flip through the pages in awe of all the amazing images. When I was approached to work with ION, I was ecstatic. I knew that any contribution I made with a team put together by ION was going to be an incredible piece of art,” she said.

A local photographer who had worked on a creative shoot with the makeup artist few months earlier had recommended her to ION. Tioseco’s esthetic and work ethic stood out as a good fit for the magazine, as they knew they needed the best. The Creative Director of the magazine, Deanna Palkowski, knew Tioseco was the right artist for the job.

“Working with Jen guarantees a beautiful result. When I have her on the team, I know she is able to bring my vision for makeup to life. Jen’s background of over ten years in fashion makes her amazing at what she does, because she is always update on the latest trends,” said Palkowski.

Tioseco worked on three campaigns for the magazine, Sisters, Sister/Style, and 98/Archetypes. The magazines were released between March and October of last year. Tioseco ensured that any makeup decisions she made were all in line with current trends. She always researched current color trends and looks for each season, but put a personal twist on them.

“ION is known for being an extremely edgy magazine. There were times when the stylist or photographer would decide to shoot renegade and throw our original mood boards out the window. My ‘go with the flow’ personality made these quick changes and transitions such a breeze, and to be honest, the end result of my work would turn out even better than what I could have imagined. I work even better under pressure,” Tioseco described.

Each campaign, thanks to her unique and beautiful makeup approach, was a success. The creative team allowed her to take full control of what she wanted for makeup, knowing her instincts were good. She would get sent a mood board and get to sculpt what she thought would work well with the styling and photography direction. With this control, she set the tone for the overall esthetic of each shoot. A simple white outfit can be turned into a rock-and-roll theme just by adding a dark eye and a red lip.

“It was such a great feeling that my team had complete and utter faith in me. Makeup completes everything, and creates a story,” she concluded.

Readers of the magazine had faith in her work too, understanding that they weren’t just looking at makeup, but they were in fact being involved in a story, a story told by Tioseco. That is the power she has with makeup, and that is why she is considered so talented.