Malta’s Marysia Peres stars in new film ‘Love to Paradise’

Marysia Peres, photo by A.J. Singh

Performing has always been a part of Marysia Peres. She chooses to express herself through acting, and has done so her whole life. As a child, she would use the stage to tell her stories, and today, she embodies her characters in a way that captures her audiences, as her natural talent combined with her sheer determination to constantly be the best she can be has made her internationally in demand.

Peres, who also models, has starred in many feature films and acted alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Just last year she captivated audiences around the world with her portrayal of Queen Isabella in Assassin’s Creed, starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. She also starred in the TV documentary mini-series The Mystery of Brittanic, telling the tale of the Brittanic, the sister ship of the Titanic, which shared the same fate. Peres is extremely versatile, and whether she is playing the villain in a blockbuster or a nurse from a different time, she loves what she does.

“Acting is like life, you can never know enough about it. What I love about it the most is that it gives me a possibility to learn new skills on a regular basis. Each character requires a special preparation, whether it is physical training, accent training or historic research, all of these things allow me to constantly develop myself as a professional and as a person,” she said.

In the new film Love to Paradise, Peres once again shows audiences what she is capable of. With the starring role as Carmen, Peres enthralls. The film tells the story of Carmen, a feisty local artist, who shows Giovanni around the island of Malta. Carmen is the kind of woman who is confident, very comfortable in her own body, and she trusts her instincts, without overthinking, even when it is needed. She can go from cold to hot in a second; she is very temperamental and unpredictable. But underneath all that, she is a sensitive human being, who wants to be loved, enjoys falling in love, and sharing her life with another person.

In the film, Carmen meets Giovanni, who is new to the country, and shows him around the island. The whole movie is centered around these two characters, following their adventures as they explore Malta and fall in love. Carmen begins to influence Giovanni’s view of the world, while showing him the amazing scenery of the country and opening up important conversations about love and life.

“I think the story shows very real and very relatable situations. Giovanni is at the crossroads of his life, and by meeting Carmen he starts to see himself and the world around him in a completely different way. I believe that everyone had those decisive moments or people who inspired them and made them do something new and maybe scary at that time, but what eventually brought a new meaning and happiness to their life,” said Peres.

The movie, which was directed by Julian Galea and produced by Galea Pictures, had a theatrical release at Event Cinemas in Australia, received the “Best Film” award at Malta International Film Festival, and following that, had a theatrical release at Eden Cinemas in Malta. It has also been released on iTunes and Amazon in over 65 countries, reaching the third spot on the iTunes Australia pre-order Bestsellers list, and was a part of the “New & Noteworthy” list on iTunes after its release. None of this success could have been possible without Peres’ portrayal of Carmen. These thoughts are echoed by those she worked with.

“Working with Marysia was really good. She is very talented and also a very nice person, which is a very rare combination nowadays. She is very professional on set and what makes her good at what she does is that I think that she can play any kind of role in a film,” said Nicolò Tagliabue, Executive Producer.

“Marysia is a delight. Prompt, professional and simply great to be around. She put in 100% everyday on set and always came prepared and willing to give her best. She is a spirited actresss, fearless to delve deep into her role and unearth the character on the page to the screen. Her ability to interpret direction and be a team player on set really made our working relationship one I wish to continue in the future,” said Julian Galea, who also wrote the film.

Initially, Peres wanted to work on the film to work alongside Galea. She knows the importance of having a good relationship with those you work with, and the director and Peres have very similar work ethics. Peres knows great relationships and a mutual understanding amongst the team is the most valuable asset of a production. She also loved the story, and was looking forward to being a lead in a romance, something she had never done before despite an expansive resume. And of course, the setting of the Mediterranean didn’t hurt either.

“We had an amazing team, and every day was really fun and relaxed. Despite a very tough schedule and long hours, we never felt rushed or stressed, it all felt harmonic. I was really happy that we all got along so well. It felt like a very creative summer camp with limited hours for sleeping. I think we all felt that the story really came to life, and that we are created something special, and that is the best feeling ever,” she said.

Working on Love to Paradise was both challenging and exciting for Peres. She worked with the other lead actor, Myko Olivier, off set quite frequently, discussing the character and sharing ideas. Peres studied other romantic films that had the same travel romance and character-driven story, looking to see what worked and what didn’t. During the production, despite many long takes and improvised scenes, Peres stayed in character for the better part of the day, exploring the moments beyond the script, determined to make the perfect film, and she succeeded.

“The most memorable day of the production for me was while shooting one of the final and pivotal scenes of the movie. We shot on a cliff during sunset, and at that moment it really felt like we had created something special. I was truly happy watching the film on the big screen, and I really love how it came together: breathtaking shots of Malta, fantastic music, and fun and relatable characters,” Peres concluded.

To learn more about Love to Paradise and see how you can see it in your country, go to the film’s website. Also, don’t forget to keep up-to-date with Peres’ formidable career; you can check out her website here.