"Breaking The Shackles That Bind"

For a long time I was afraid of breaking the status quo. Why? I feared moving out of my comfort zone because I did not know what lay beyond the imaginary bubble. It’d be venturing into the unknown. Basic human instinct dictates we fear the unknown, especially in the prehistoric times, because of legitimate dangers that lurk beyond the darkness. This system worked well therefore, by evolution, it kept us alive and the trait got passed on. Now it is pretty much ancien régime.

‘I feared moving out of my comfort zone because I did not know what lay beyond the imaginary bubble.’

Fast forward to our current modern society, questions vis-à-vis this evolutionary trait are being risen. People challenging it and moving beyond. In a way, I would say this is a first world problem as well. We’ve been bestowed with countless opportunities, amenities, and infrastructure to move beyond our means. Thus I believe there is a grave need for us to utilise what we have today and do exactly so. I hope this appeals to those who are currently sitting back and settling for second best, really you can do much more for yourself.

As for myself, I look back, albeit with a smile, and cherish the comfort zone I eased myself into but I know it’s not where I belong.

I believe challenging your comfort zone is the sine qua non of attaining true happiness.

Go out there and do things you love. Think not of the things that would unsettle you.

‘The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them' — Henry David Thoreau

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