I googled MDEP:WP because [I was unaware how long this season is and instead found an atrocious pink article]. So let’s discuss the elephant in the room.


If you know me, which you don’t, I’ve been watching adult swim since 2006 with FLCL, Minoriteam, and Robot Chicken and the occasional Toonami at a friend’s place before that (shout out to Ryoko’s censored breasts). I want anyone reading to know from the bottom of my heart that if you agree with a singular word in this article - starting with the "buzzfeed" in the url - you are a cuck in the most literal sense of the word. You wanna put women in charge of THE network for young men? Or even add more women to the mix when women don’t even understand men? You should probably go sign that change.org petition, go watch Steven Universe then send in some fanmail, or get on the CN PPG whitelist for being such a good little feminazi.

If adult swim gets fucked up more than it already is women are going to have hell to pay as an entire gender; I’m talking reparations. None of that 40 acres and a mule followed by a centuries late court decision. I’m suggesting women should be forced into only being able to watch Lifetime, OWN, and maybe Hallmark. I’m taking QVC back for the boys and don’t even dare thinking about touching Alton Brown and Food Network those were already mine.

In the article Dan Harmon says he is hiring more women for the coming season of his show. Someone tell me with utmost certainty that R&M S3 won’t get a worse rating from me or an unbiased aggregate like metacritic user score. Changing the formula to appease women when the two main female characters are more often hindrances, poorly conceptualized, and butts of jokes is something of a joke in itself. You’re a joke if you think Beth Sanchez isn’t more of a failure than their partner for not using contraceptives and then staying with a beta², you’re even more of a joke if you don’t drop a show when they make fun of a progressive female character such as Summer simply for being female. Now BuzzFeed is suggesting changing an entire network when adult swim had been holding male 18-24$ since before I even had cable? Cuck.

MDEP:WP was the first show that made adult swim viewers laugh at things the likes of casual sexism that “Family Guy” and co. glossed over every episode and brought them to the front and center. It also featured multiple bandcamp artists. What female led show has done that before? Featuring your friends or local unsigned artists who deserve more fame and propagation than big name artists? I don’t feel the need to answer that hypothetical for a cuck like you Ms. Lange. What was that really popular show that’s about to fade into oblivion… "reddit and morty?" An entire network being brought to its knees and told to change with the time when they have already been time and time again the game changer in late night. That’s because of the men upstairs.

2 guys (mainly Lazzo) who made it from NOTHING are now appearing on streams talking to their fans; the thing that no other network or Netflix even do. Seriously Ms. Lange can you tell any of your readers that think for themselves — instead of reading whatever BuzzFeed article that their friends are talking about - that you don’t subscribe to any networks, books, print journals, subreddits, blue boards, or friend circles that are truly egalitarian? I will grace you with an answer for that one: you don’t

No one does.

If you want more PC stuff I highly suggest you actually analyze any of your "favorite" [as] shows (or any other form of media or your social circles) and tell me there isn’t even the faintest hint of casual sexism. Just a few days ago South Park became the first network to actually mention anything about the whole men hate themselves for being men. I’m not gonna put my fedora on today, but no one else wants to because they’re scared of idiots like you who will just turn on their inner Big Red and write a scathing article for Gawker or BuzzFeed and then smile smugly as you pet your cat or read some more sexist tripe that only conforms to your beliefs.

When a BuzzFeed article points out the hypocrisy of [as] that your readers may all know and love I tell the readers this: the next 2 top tier executive producers are black and white males. The black guy produced the "racist, sexist show" ([as]' words) World Peace and the white guy laughed at an unprepared woman when she said "or [the main character] could be a woman" when she was unable to go 7 words without saying "um" or "like" as she bravely pitched her idea off her smartphone on an official [as] live stream at NYCC.

I might be crazy or something, but I guess when I look at how women and men perceive main characters and how both genders prefer male leads I guess that makes my favorite network full of women and men who aren’t really fans. They are most likely the people that torrent, pay, or watch adult swim casually. You’re not a real fan Ariane Lange. You are not a real journalist. You work for BuzzFeed and you are trying to take my last network bastion that hasn’t been corrupted by good or bad feminism. Get a life and go pick on a network that has more women watching it or one you actually watch. Don’t write an article for something you don’t understand or care about because then it is no longer journalism, but rather feminist mud slinging and pink journalism. Get a life.