Spotlight on Success: Learner Stories

Empowering learners while giving managers time back

Hi there,

I’m Erin, the Founder and CEO of Entrada ESL. I wanted to share a story from one of our recent program participants that illustrates why I started this company.

The Story

We first met Ana (name changed for privacy) when providing a ski resort with English training for its housekeeping staff. Ana, a high-performing individual in the department, came to Entrada having studied English for several years. Despite knowing “the basics”, she was nervous to speak the language in a work setting and afraid of making mistakes.

The Process

With any Entrada program, a critical component is confidence building. We do this using Entrada’s Three P’s: practice, people, and partners.

These Three P’s are facilitated through daily speaking practice with portable, audio lessons, a community of people to ensure employees meet goals, and supportive tools to incorporate learning seamlessly into the workday.

The Outcome

Through the program, Ana shifted her mindset about risk-taking and speaking English at work. She gained more confidence in her ability to speak with guests, coworkers, and vendors. Due to the encouragement from her supervisor, she now places meal orders for department meetings over the phone in English — a significant step of progress. She shared part of her experience:

Why It Matters

One of our core values is to approach daunting tasks one step at a time, paso a paso. While placing a lunch order in English may sound small to a native language speaker, we must all start somewhere.

This start helped Ana grow the confidence to use her English language skills. Now, she’s able to contribute more to the company, take on more responsibility, and grow her career.

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Shifting time

Through accessible tech, we’re able to give Ana and other essential workers a program that is flexible enough for busy lifestyles. Three ten-minute lessons a day, while she works, allowed her to learn while working, on her own schedule, without interrupting her routine tasks.

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