The results are in! Customer satisfaction survey.

How do language barriers impact customer service? We created a survey to find out.

How do language barriers affect the customers’ overall experience? Do customers really care if there are language barriers?

We were curious, so we asked.

Our team at Entrada recently partnered with an independent research group to survey over 100 travelers about their experience with language barriers. We discovered the impact on interacting — or, more often, of not interacting — with the staff.

Here’s a couple key takeaways:

Missed Opportunities:

acknowledged making fewer requests upon realizing that a staff member doesn’t share the same language

Unresolved Issues:

had difficulty communicating an issue or making a request due to an English language barrier at a U.S. hotel.

Broader Impact:

would be more likely to stay at a hotel that implemented workforce development programs, such as English courses, compared to one that does not.


Not only is language training good for your employees, but it’s good for your guests as well. That means it’s good for your bottom line.

Don’t delay — lead your peers and prove how increased communication is a benefit that truly benefits everyone.

Let’s get started.

Redefine the Future of Work by teaching your Spanish speaking staff English. Improve retention and drive economic mobility by creating opportunities for your non-desk workforce with

Creating a communicative, compassionate workforce and society. Teaching staff English while they work to upskill and improve operations.

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