With many professional sports still on hold due to COVID-19, sports bettors in 2020 have been left with limited options. Despite the ongoing coronavirus uncertainty, our team has been working hard to update the ZenSports apps with new leagues so that our users have additional options for sports betting.


Until now, we’ve built our entire ZenSports peer-to-peer sports betting business by selling directly to consumers. …

ZenSports is pleased to announce the most recent and final payout from our 2019 Dividend Payout Program. Our 2020 Q1 dividend payout was made yesterday, April 9, 2020 to all SPORT security token holders in the amount of 1,129,725,273.65 SPORTS utility tokens.

Despite the COVID19 crisis that shut down all…


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’re aware that all of the major professional American sports leagues have suspended their seasons due to the coronavirus outbreak. Two NBA players tested positive for the virus, which prompted the NBA to suspend its season.


It’s been a busy 12 months for us here at ZenSports!

After launching our sports betting app in March 2019, we closed $675K in October 2019 as part of a broader a $1M+ Seed Round raised in 2019. With our continued rapid growth, we started receiving inbound interest from additional…

Mark Saldana

We’re thrilled to announce the hiring of our new Chief Marketing Officer here at ZenSports — Mark Saldana! I originally met Mark back in 2013 when my last startup, Reesio, was going through 500 Startups. …


Last month, we chronicled the situation with our SPORTS token listing on Dcoin, and why we removed our listing with them.

Despite the fact that Dcoin committed gross negligence against ZenSports that left us in a precarious spot with no ability for our customers to cash out their SPORTS tokens…

After launching our SPORTS utility token back in July 2019, it was ZenSports’ goal to then get the utility token listed on a third party exchange so that customers who use our utility token for wagering and earning rewards would have a way to cash out their tokens without ZenSports…

Our 2019 Q4 dividend payout was made last Thursday, January 9, 2020! We had a stellar Q4 in terms of betting volume, which resulted in a whopping 1,361,783,353.45 SPORTS tokens being paid out as a dividend for last quarter. The breakdown between Maker and Taker betting volume for the quarter can be found HERE.

Keep in mind that this particular quarterly dividend structure payout will end once the number of SPORTS utility tokens have been distributed that is equivalent to the number of SPORT security tokens not held by ZenSports (more about this in our original blog post from August 2019).

As always, investors can find out more details about the dividend, as well as full details regarding our SPORT and SPORTS tokens, on Google Drive at:


The DNA of the ZenSports team has always been about building the most robust, yet simple peer-to-peer sports betting app for both casual and serious sports bettors. Deep functionality coupled with rapid iteration and deployment are the hallmarks of the most successful tech companies.

The Product Updates page on our…

Mark Thomas

Technology entrepreneur. Co-Founder & CEO @TheZenSports. Previously Co-Founder & CEO ​@ReesioRocks​ — acquired by ​@Realtordotcom​ Sep 2015.

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