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Juhani Polkko, Founder of San Francisco Agency | Entrepreneurs of Finland​

Juhani has 700 apps on his phone — a shred of evidence to see how much interested he is in technology. …

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Josephine Atanga, CEO at JEHOM Driving School | Entrepreneurs of Finland

As a foreigner, Josephine Atanga met problems that many other foreigners in Finland faced: lack of network, language barrier, limited source to finance her business. In the darkest times, she refused to give up and believed in her hardship as an opportunity to strengthen her personality and be unique. We believe her strong positive mindset is what makes Josephine stand out and achieve successes outside the norms.

Arcada needs me and I also need Arcada

I move to Finland about 5 years ago and got the opportunity to study nursing at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Back in the US, l always had a burning desire to finish my degree in nursing. If there were 1000 people and only one person had to be selected into the nursing program that person had to be me. I was so determined and positive to get into the international nursing program at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. I remembered being asked by one teacher during the entrance exam interview — “What’s your plan if you don’t get in?”. …

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Miikka Sipilä, Co-founder of Stolen Shoes Entertainment | Entrepreneurs of Finland

Miikka is one of the “lucky ones” who turned their hobby into a profession. His story shows that it is definitely not easy, but possible, and in fact, well worthwhile in the long run. As an entrepreneur, building a circle of professional networks is undoubtedly important yet arduous. It’s even more challenging if you are a youngster, having almost no connection, started your career from scratch in a new city. However, with a big dream, hard work, and active participation in several events, Miikka has made his own way to get to where he wanted to be.

I thought I need to be good at programming but it’s not the case

I have been playing video games from a very young age — since I could hold the console. I got interested in esports even before it was called esports. It was a hobby of mine. At the age of 15, I had a discussion with my group of friends about dreams. At that point, I already got the wish to run a game company with my friends. I kept that thought with me all the time. I had no clue where to start and who would be my teammates. It took us a long time with many tries and fails before we actually got here. …


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