23 Amazing Quotes by Ferruccio Lamborghini

Original Article: 23 Amazing Quotes by Ferruccio Lamborghini

Ferruccio Lamborghini was an Italian Industrialist, very well known as the founder of Lamborghini (Automobile) which made high-end sports car. Lamborghini showed early signs of interest in mechanics. He used to fix the tractors as a teenager. He started his first business as tractor manufacturer in 1948. Later on, he entered into different businesses including oil heater and air conditioning.

As he became wealthy, he bought number of high-end cars of the day. He also bought few Ferrari cars, out of which he found a common problem, stating they are noisy and rough to be proper road cars. He also made modifications to the clutches to his owned Ferrari cars. He later brought this to Erno Ferrari’s notice. He replied by saying “Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari Properly” which sparked the fire within Lamborghini to make his own high-end sports cars which marked the beginning to the amazing sports car that we know of today.

23 Amazing Quotes by Ferruccio Lamborghini:

1. “When you stop working, you start to die!” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

2. “‘Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari Properly.’ This was the point when I finally decided to make a perfect car.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

3. “I had never stopped thinking about the ideal motor car… All I had to do was construct a plant to build it.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

4. “When I miss the sound and the fury, I take refuge in my garage and turn the key in the ignition of my Miura…” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

5. “Mechanics was in my blood.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

6. “I had to try something new.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

7. “It’s very simple. In the past, I have bought some of the most famous Gran Turismo cars and in each of these magnificent machines I have found some faults. Too hot. Or uncomfortable. Or not sufficiently fast. Or not perfectly finished. Now I want to make a GT car without faults. Not a technical bomb. Very normal. Very conventional. But a perfect car.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

8. “Everything went like a dream for three-quarters of the race-until we ran off the road.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

9. “The owner of Maserati, was a man I had a lot of respect for: he had started life as a poor boy, like myself. But I did not like his cars much.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

10. “I’m not interested in ending up like my colleagues, with heart problems!” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

11. “I wanted a compact, elegant car with twelve cylinders of high cubic capacity, four carburetors and large valves. A sturdy machine, with dry sump lubrication.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

12. “If I could find nine partners as determined as my son, I’d forget my age and start from nothing. And I bet the glory days of the 1960’s would rally round us again very quickly.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

13. “The publicity alone is worth more to me than I’m getting for the car. Every one I build [will be] like winning a Grand Prix, and people will talk about it for long after they have forgotten who won the race.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

14. “I was much younger then and I was a good a reasonable driver. I had a Ferrari, a Maserati and so on.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

15. “I’m Lamborghini. We are just building a golf course over there. Golf has a big future. The right sport for the right people.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

16. “I had an Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint first and a 1900 Super Sprint later, both of which were quite good. But I preferred the Lancia Aurelia B20. It was no more powerful than the Alfa, but much more sophisticated, more civilised. I had a number of Aurelias, over the years — six or seven, I guess.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

17. “I visited Eduardo Miura’s ranch in Seville where he raised bulls for bullfighting, and I was so impressed that by the time I got home I had already selected my future emblem.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

18. “Lamborghini is refinement, luxury and perfection.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

19. “Ferrari never spoke to me again. He was a great man, I admit, but it was so very easy to upset him.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

20. “A normal chap, a man who likes creating things. A good worker in the morning, and a man who likes enjoying himself in the afternoon.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

21. “I liked to take things apart when I was younger.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

22. “I fixed every mechanical thing on the farm to save my parents money.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini

23. “I never planned on getting into the automobile-industry, but I knew a better car could be built.” — Ferruccio Lamborghini