Episode one

This is going to be a quick little note as I’ve been working on this for almost a week now making huge strides in functionality over a short amount of time.

For example, we have a user system, chat system, database structure, a coordinate targeting system, room maps, in-system creation tools as well as a generative dungeon maker.

As these systems mature I’ll go deeper into them.

The main thing I want to express is though the lore will probably place it in to a cyberpunk universe I want to stress that it is more poptart kittens and rollerblades than trolls and totems.

The first spell I have planned is nyan. It’ll fire a projectile with a “NYAN!” sound to back it up.

I want to take every chance I can to add functionalities I always wished MUDs had back in the day, so this mud is going to have sound, which means a custom client. Right now the majority of the mechanics are calculated on the machine attached to the database. Really I could get away with hosting a mongodb in the cloud somewhere and just distribute clients. However that would hamstring the ability to implement things like grapevine, the IRC web between MUDs. I’m not giving up on the client, so the hosted portion is going to be minimal. More a floating hunk of data than anything.

I’m new to writing long form posts, so if you’re itching to hear more, you’ll have to wait. Or perhaps you could poke your head into r/MUD or the like. You will find that there are more people that still use these games to this day.

Until later, entro-pi

text-based game developer

text-based game developer