How much thought have you given to the child that may or may not happen at what age-35, 40…
Mary McNeill

How incredibly obtuse and uniformed. I had my first daughter at 40 (my husband was 43), and my second at 42. I had exactly zero problems getting pregnant either time, and no adverse pregnancy issues due to my age (or any other reason). Being an older parent means I lived a life full of adventure, education and career prior to having to children; it means we are financially stable enough for me to stay home with them. I am a few years older than most of my daughters’ classmates’ parents, but most of them had children in their mid-to-late 30’s, and are in approximately the same situation as my SO and me, able to provide a secure, balanced, thoughtful home life and excellent education and other opportunities. Meanwhile, we are both healthier and more fit than most people 10 or 15 years younger than we are. No energy problems here. You’re inventing issues to support your own misguided world view, based on nothing but your own ignorance.

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