How Family Caregivers Take Vacations

Making respite time is a mental health need for caregivers responsible for another, especially if their loved one has high needs such as ability or mobility issues, or Alzheimer’s or dementia. But how can they find someone who would care for their loved one like they do, with the same level of attention to detail, while also keeping their daily routine? It’s a question many family caregivers find themselves asking when they start to feel the burn of over-care and are overdue for a vacation.

Some long-term care facilities offer short-term care stays for travel and emergency purposes. This is a good option for those needing careful medical monitoring and attention, but it does mean leaving the comforts and rituals of home for a stay in an unfamiliar facility. The hospital setting can be un-nerving for many seniors, especially if there is confusion as to why they are there. An upsetting time for those who depend on consistency and repetition.

Caregiver’s who have mastered the art of ‘taking a vacation’ look to professional homecare services. The key is in planning ahead. Meet with a Care Coordinator from Premier Homecare Services well in advance of your intended holiday. We can meet you at home for a consultation, help make a flexible schedule, match a caregiver, and introduce them before you leave. We recommend starting care before you leave so there is familiarity between your loved one and the caregiver. Plus, this gives you a chance to know you made the right decision!

Rest easy on a sun-soaked beach knowing your loved one is getting the best care possible, without disrupting their comfort and routine.


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