In Death Alone. Peace.

A Warhammer 40K Short

She smiled.

Her hazel eyes reflected the city lights, the hive world’s neon drowning out the glow of the stars above. Still, by some magic, she had shone brighter. Across from her sat a man, an all too ordinary individual among a billion other men spread throughout the galaxy. Why she had chosen him he’d never know, but he treasured her dearly for having done so. Their hands, knotted together like lovers’ are oft to do, rested on the table between them, and pushing her hair back behind her ear with his free hand he leaned in, kissing her gently on the forehead. He closed his eyes, whispering “I love you,” as they melted into each other’s arms.

Opening his eyes, he stared in horrid astonishment at the ravages of war around him. The bodies of his comrades lay broken and lifeless upon the ground. Blood mingling with earth as the cries of other men rose around him. Some pleading for the mercy of the Emperor, others for His vengeance.

“Fight on, for the Emperor wills it!”

Falling to his knees he began to weep, tears carving lines through the dirt on his face. Of his platoon nearly all were lost, corpses riddled by fire from the enemy, or cut down by the talons of the xenos creatures that fell upon them. Others, caked in mud and clinging to life, emptied their auto guns into the writhing mass of enemy bodies; rounds littering the ground beneath them. Chitinous hides no match for hot lead, they crumpled to the ground in scores. But for each beast felled two more would take its place, an endless swarm of seemingly mindless drones.

“There is no place for fear here! Take them down!”

Spirit broken, he told himself that all was lost. The Golden Throne was nothing in the face of an enemy that had not only no fear, but no end. Try as they might the men would fail, and millennias of history and billions of lives would be forgotten, lost to time. And he would never see his girl with the hazel eyes again. Hope lost and paralyzed by fear he sat, implacable.

“Disappointing gaurdsman.”

The choir of screams continued to rise, and the theater of war played on. Heart racing he watched as man fell and civilization crumbled. A man, ordinary like himself, approached from behind, feet sinking into the saturated earth. Panic flooded his mind, followed by a calming peace as he felt the barrel of a standard issue auto pistol rest against the crown of his head. With a deep breath his heart slowed, he closed his eyes, and he remembered her smile.

In the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium there is only war. In death alone… peace.

This is my first fiction short. I plan on doing many others. Most likely set in this particularly universe. Thank you Games Workshop for such an amazing lore to inspire others to work with. Thank you Lorehammer for so wonderfully sharing it.