ENVION is the world’s first self-expanding crypto-infrastructure

The recent spike in the popularity of crypto-currencies has led to runaway growth in the demand for crypto-coin mining operations, with new competitors entering the market all the time.

Still, the explosive growth of currencies like Bitcoin and its traditional crypto-competitors is often hampered by factors like a recurring shortage of hardware. Sooner or later, these restrictions put an end to their runaway expansion.

ENVION, however, has pioneered a unique solution to this dilemma — one that enables its mining operations to be infinitely scalable.

Rather than fixate on using only the latest, highest-powered hardware on the market — which is often in short supply — ENVION utilizes readily available hardware units that are efficient and low cost, bypassing the “hardware bottleneck” afflicting other competitors.

Not only can these hardware units mine crypto-coins as well as their newer cousins, their availability means ENVION will always be able to expand its base of mining operations.

And under ENVION’s reinvestment strategy, the profits generated from each mining unit will be put forward to build new units.

As a result, ENVION’s fleet of mobile mining units (MMUs) will grow exponentially over time along with the value of coins mined — making it the world’s first self-expanding crypto-infrastructure, and an enticing investment to boot!

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