How ENVION creates the world’s most profitable standard of crypto-infrastructure

In recent years, crypto-currencies have become increasingly prominent in the media and the trading floor.

Thanks to the power and promise of the Blockchain technology underlining their success — which holds the potential to revolutionize everything from facilitating simple financial transactions to saving lives by transforming electronic health records — crypto-currencies are hitting new highs and making news headlines all the time.

Bitcoin, for example, reached a new record in October when it traded for an all-time high of over $6,000 — and some investors think even that record will be smashed soon.

But while they’re trading as hot commodities, Bitcoin and its rival crypto-currencies are still confronted with significant limitations in terms of their profitability. High energy costs and a lack of ample mining hardware, for example, can put a damper on their success.

Enter ENVION — which has developed an innovative mining solution that offers the most profitable standard of crypto-infrastructure seen yet.

Because mining operations for crypto-currencies are frequently based in the same location — like China, Russia or Iceland — the supply of low-cost electricity is often exhausted, leading to higher energy prices and centralization of blockchain infrastructure.

But ENVION’s unique Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) can bypass these favored electricity hubs and access locally generated electricity around the world at a fraction of the price — a record-low of only 3¢/kWh — and even free, unused overcapacities. In contrast, electricity prices in more prominent hubs China or Iceland reach up to 12¢/kWh.

Miners’ energy prices are also propped up by the high costs of cooling mining hardware — which can make up to 50% of their total energy costs, including AC and maintenance.

Patented Air-Flow Cooling System

ENVION however has designed a patented air-flow system that keeps the atmospheric pressure in its mining units low and the air fresh — operating 40 times more cost efficient than traditional cooling systems.

Other mining operations are likewise limited by their reliance on only the latest, highest-powered hardware — which is frequently out of stock or simply unavailable in large quantities.

But thanks to intensive research and benchmarking, ENVION has identified low-energy and readily available hardware — or “hidden gems” — that can successfully mine for new coins, pushing up investment returns (ROI) — and making ENVION a leader in crypto-currency profitability.

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