Traditional Crypto mining is killing the environment

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The ecological footprint of traditional mining operations is huge — the total energy consumption of mining Ethereum and Bitcoin is as large as Nigeria’s consumption, a country with 180 million (!) inhabitants, about 2% of the entire population on earth. It will reach the equivalent of Denmark in 2020.

Traditional miners usually tap their power from regular household networks. This eats up a huge amount of energy, and voices demanding to put an end to these practices keep getting louder. And they are right. For POW blockchain to have a future, there needs to be system innovatin. Yes, the entire industry needs to change to ensure widespread adoption. Now, this doesn’t mean that crypto mining is dead. Rather, it means that innovative and creative minds need to find ways to solve this issue. A very promising start has been made by a Swiss start-up, Envion. Their team of blockchain- and energy management experts are revolutionizing mining by making it mobile, profitable and, most importantly in this context, green.

Envion invented a highly potent mobile mining unit (MMU) built into a CSC-certified sea container. These units can be moved to solar parks, wind parks, or power plants with overcapacity, therefore utilising energy with a much lower environmental impact. With this novel business model, Envion opens many new doors for a green revolution in the mining industry. Unprecedented mobility, decentralization and scalability secures the most crucial competitive advantage in mining operations:

Accessibility of lowest cost energy worldwide.

Next generation mining operations need to become climate friendly and more robust against local price fluctuations and regulatory changes, more profitable and more decentralized. Next generation — that is Envion’s ground breaking, technology-driven business model, combining green energy sources with economic viability on a global scale.


The Swiss Cantonal Court of Zug has dissolved envion AG and ordered its liquidation. Official information can be found on

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