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Often, we write a blog to summarise, in one place, what is available in the media on a topic of interest. This blog is just that case. We hear about Covid-19 being a result, directly or indirectly, of biodiversity loss. The encroachment of mankind into and onto natural wilderness. What does that mean to humanity and where are we at today? One thing is obvious, pandemics do not happen often but when they do, they are very bad news and have huge consequences. Covid-19 is such an event!

Let’s summarise what we know:

1. Zoonotic diseases are caused by viruses that spread between animals and humans to humans. The experts believe Covid-19 is a zoonotic disease. …

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One of The Environment4Change Foundations (‘E4C’) objectives is to educate humanity on environmental matters, particularly those of utmost importance. Cleaning up our shared planet, is of this kind, particularly when our nature and its ecosystem is shared across the globe. Accordingly, and importantly we all must share information that helps humanity understand the importance of the environment in which we all live.

Having an abundance of oxygen to breath is key to humanities survival. …

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The question I pose in the introduction to this article is;

“How will our partners deal with tokenisation considering many will be legacy businesses not supporting or caring for the latest digital technologies?”

Typically, I do not start a blog with what may arguably appear to be a self-serving statement or rhetorical question. Such a beginning can add to confusion or be seen as capricious.

I believe the first paragraph of any writing should capture the reader’s interest, not obfuscate, adding a clarity, purpose and detail to the subject matter. Today, I open this article with a question, a challenge to the reader, for the purpose of setting up the discussion, hopefully without ambiguity of the important content and more importantly its meaning to the future of global environmentalism. I do this to introduce a critically important concept, the tokenisation of environmental action giving a new global level of access and scalability to environmentalism, imbuing a new environmental audience with power. …

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