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EE&CC trend of some nations based on 2013 data

World over, numerous discussions are ongoing on the density of cities, whether it is a boon or a bane in the post-COVID scenario. Many laud the scattered settlement patterns in the State of Kerala in India, which performed extremely well, to tackle COVID-19 till now. My research emanated as early as 1988 on the peculiar and unique settlement pattern of the State of Kerala, where high human development levels are achieved with low per capita income. …


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Biodiversity, Ecosystem services and human wellbeing

GOD THE ALMIGHTY shower, mercy on us and mercy to the whole world.

ALMIGHTY, protect us, protect the whole world, protect our planet which is thy awesome creation, protect the flora and fauna which sustain this planet and mankind.

ALMIGHTY, support all our efforts to sustain this planet by implementing righteousness, in the role allotted to each and every one of us, hand-in-hand to maintain the well being and prosperity of ours self and our future generations.

Time and again prophets, messiahs and signals are sent to alert us to be wise and responsible and to adopt corrective measures being the custodian of this planet and for our own wellness and prosperity. …


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The dark cloud CORONA VIRUS known as COVID 19 has been hovering the earth causing miseries, sufferings and inconveniences to the entire world population. On the brighter side planet-EARTH is regaining its CARRYING CAPACITY. As per the Global Footprint Network calculations, planet-EARTH, surrounded by bio-sphere, is ecologically-overshot and overloaded 1.7 times its regenerative capacity. Increasing emissions lower the CARRYING CAPACITY. Ecological Footprint caused by humanity should balance with the bio-capacity of earth and if not climate starts changing due to excess emissions. If the man is irresponsible NATURE will step in to discipline.

When climate changes micro-organisms which support our biosphere will get extinct and new micro-organisms conducive to the changing climate will evolve. Some of these may be highly contagious causing threat to life and livelihood. The occurrence of COVID 19 can be considered as one such incident. In this innovative world, vaccines may be developed sooner, but as far as climate change is not contained similar instances can be repeated with new pathogens, debilitating humanity.

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