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95% of businesses in the world look like this. Imagine if these entrepreneurs had the tools to grow them?

We’re pretty comfortable using the term literacy. We know what it means and we have some idea how complicated daily life would be without the ability to read. But how about financial literacy, the understanding of how to manage one’s personal finances? A 2016 study deemed only 18% of Ugandan adults to be financially literally, even though 97% were numerate. The survey measured people’s knowledge of interest rates, compounding interest, inflation, and risk diversification.

Uganda, a country where poverty increased nearly two percentage points between 2016 and 2017 to sit at 21.4%, is concerned enough…

Training ENVenture’s small businesses in Uganda on our ENVision mobile app

In our founding team has spent 30 years working in emerging markets such as Africa and South Asia on small business advisory. We saw 3 distinct problems around gathering data on small businesses:

1. Small businesses do not keep good records, no matter how much they are trained on bookkeeping. This is due to persistent financial illiteracy and resistance to behavior change on using records to improve sales as a key performance indicator.

2. Small businesses, when they do keep records, are not great at sharing them with their supporting organizations. Our staff had to spend considerable time and effort…

Smartphone penetration is exponentially growing in Africa, but that doesn’t mean every nonprofit should create an app.

Here is a common scenario: Nonprofit A has a problem that they want to solve by creating a new app or technology. Foundation B is attracted to the idea of solving the problem with technology and provides Nonprofit A with the resources to do it. The Nonprofit is not specialized in tech development, has no software engineers or product managers on staff, and yet they are able to win a grant to design and build a technical solution from scratch.

So now that they have the funds, what do they do? They seek out vendors, technical design studios, freelance software…

By Lillian Lu, ENVision

Whether you’re running a social enterprise, working on a passion project, or raising your kids to become leaders in their own lives — leadership skills transcend all areas of life. It is imperative that we equip ourselves with the tools to connect with and inspire people. The following skills will transform the results you get out of your professional and personal life.

1. Let others be the expert. Remember: your job is to facilitate a space for new ideas to grow, and for collaboration — not to be in control of all final decisions.

United Nations…

In our first blog, we introduced you to our solution for measuring data and asked for your help in improving it (click here to take our survey). We, therefore, thought it was only fair to tell you more about the solution to solve data collection among micro-enterprises.

ENVision is made up of 3 core parts which will work together to grease the wheels of business among the world’s micro-enterprises — our Android app, our cloud storage back-end and our cloud analytics dashboard:

The app works offline, has mobile integration, is available in 8 languages and is designed to be suitable…

The original lemonade stand. Business 101!

Creating income generating opportunities, especially for women, is huge business in the development world. Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) currently serve approximately 200 million people and 1.7 billion people remain without access to financial services. However, in an industry where financial inclusion is touted as a pathway out of poverty, where exactly is the evidence for this? Repayment data is simply not enough to point to livelihood improvement, because repayments only prove an ability to repay a loan, not an ability to actually grow a business. …

ENVision mobile

Data-driven insights for microenterprises and the organizations that serve them.

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