No Offense, Everly.

I’ve been hiding out in the safety of my little space a lot lately.
I work in a sea of cubicles. We are consummate professionals. 
We are also friends; we share our personal highs and lows.

I can’t help but overhear the details: “the new baby is here!!”

My friend has finally become a Grandmother.

All our co-workers gather around her.

“Isn’t she sweet …

. . . isn’t she lovely?”

My body tenses up; I don’t want to see the picture. 
I whisper to myself … “welcome to the world, precious little one.”
Pleeeaaase don’t come over here and show me the picture.

Noise-cancelling headphones on. Just focus on work.

It will be OK. Why can’t I share the joy? Just be happy for her.

She is just sharing authentically from a place of pure love.

My friend skips my section of cubicles. Thank you, God.
Oh, how grateful I am for how thoughtful she is.
Just stop being sad and weird about it, Alison. Just be normal.

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