Simple advice for salary negotiations

It’s not personal. It’s business.

Let me share a piece of advice that changed the way I viewed business and salary discussions:

A company benefits the most from getting the best people for the least amount of money possible.

It’s not that they don’t think you’re worth more. It’s just companies, generally, are designed to make money. And there’s two ways to achieve that goal — sell more or spend less.

You’re all on the same side, working to the same goals, except when it comes to salaries. And then your company, becomes your adversary.

You are a cost.

It’s not about feelings or emotions. It’s not about loyalty or relationships. No matter how amazing you are, you are replaceable.

Even the greatest companies, with the best cultures, want to pay only as much as they need too. It’s financially sound logic.

You are the person who cares the most about what you’re paid. A company can value you highly, and still not want to pay you more, unless they have too. Personally, when I stopped mixing up how I was valued, with how I was paid, salary negotiations become easier.

I stopped approaching negotiations emotionally. I stopped thinking about the effort and energy I’d put into a role. And I started thinking rationally in terms of the results I could quantify and the other black and white evidence I could present.

Don’t take it personally. But do make sure you fight for your side.