Example of Empty State

Taking best advantages of Empty States

Empty state is an afterthought for most of the designers. Because it feels like a minor part and a temporary section of an application. But in contrary, it is the best place to Delight, Guide and Makes user comfortable with your app.

Plausibly you have designed best-looking screen with full of contents. But User is going to land on an empty screen first. This is the best opportunity to engage with users and guide them towards the next logical step.

A blank canvas is both exciting and intimidating. As the famed renaissance artist Michelangelo once said:

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

In other words, within an “empty state,” there is a boundless potential. All that stands in the way is the task of design. There are three essential empty states that we come across in UX:

  1. First use (Educate)
  2. Achievement (Delight)
  3. Obstacle (Prompt)

Educate your user on a first step

Guide your first time user towards next step and teach them how to use your app. Help them with setting up an expectation on what will happen next and what’s the intent of the screen.

By educating the users, we can curtail the bounce rate and exploit the user involvement with the app.

Celebrate the achievement and delight your users

People always need the motivation to do something. Appreciation on gets the work done becomes a motivational point for the user.

On one point, there is no task left on your plate or no content available for that user. This is the “user cleared” empty state. This is the wonderful opportunity to delight the user and compliment them on a job well done.

Within a design, one of the most conspicuous components is feedback. Feedback acts as both a placeholder and a reward.

Prompt actions when they stuck somewhere

Errors are ineluctable and can happen on both ends (the user and the app/site). What’s important is letting the user know what went wrong, and why.

User land on these pages with certain expectations. When they run into a roadblock, these messages, and accurate CTA guides them further.

The best part of design is often the most challenging — the interfaces that require a delicate balance of information and action. An empty state is what could be stand between your users and amazing UI work you have done.

Cheers :)

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