Value of LinkedIn Groups

And how to improve the User Experience.

I’m using LinkedIn for almost a year and I’m newbie in groups. I post there occasionally. But I like to read other posts. I can acquire plenty of knowledge with it.

I find LinkedIn Groups so valuable due to some reasons.


  • You can post and receive relevant info from group members. No matter either you’re in connection with them or not.
  • Have intelligent discussions with great minds and possibly connect with them.
  • Build your presence and credibility among industry peers and people having same interests.
But, Not without challenges


  • Group email digest are too burdensome. If you’re a member of 10+ groups.
  • Most groups have few active or new discussions. Which means old posts are repeated for several days in group digest emails.
  • A lot of discussions are actually marketing promotions or jobs. So lots of popular groups have spam issues.

So what value/challenges do you see in LinkedIn groups? How do you solve these challenges today?

Originally posted by Jasmeet Singh.
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