⭐️ Star

Sleeping on time made easy.

Overview of “Star” screens

📖 The Story

As part of SB Creative Lab’s Spring 2021 Designathon, my partner and I were instructed to design a mobile app that makes creating good habits a social process.

To begin, we identified our target audience as college students and took five minutes to brainstorm challenges and good or bad habits that our audience may be experiencing.

We then sorted our ideas into categories and decided to focus on bad lifestyle habits, such as unhealthy diets, sleep deprivation, and lack of exercise. Ultimately, we decided to focus on developing and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and narrowed down our target audience to college students who struggle to get enough sleep.

Why sleep? Given our personal experiences and that of those around us, we felt that there was yet to be an easy and fun solution to fix bad sleeping habits.

With this in mind, we developed a user flow and listed each individual screen and feature we wanted to include in our app. After determining our font, colors, etc. in our design system to ensure a consistent user interface, we divided the screens and got to work.

Role: Product Designer

Team: Duo

Tools: Figma, Zoom

🧑‍💻 Logistics

Inspired by the Facebook “poke” feature, we decided to create an app that allows users to “push” each other when they catch someone awake past their set bedtime.

Users can only “push” people who are using their phones (once their phone is off, they can no longer be “pushed”), and each person they “push” earns them one star. However, if someone catches them awake past their bedtime, they lose a star. Users are limited to changing their bedtimes to once per week.

Users can try sleep exercises to earn bonus stars, and by sleeping on time, users automatically earn ten stars. There is also a “star store” for users to exchange stars for prizes as an incentive to sleep on time.

🕵️ Problem Space

We came up with four categories of user problems for our target audience.

“Star” design thinking: defining the problem

🎨 UI Design

We used a soft, playful style to reflect the lighthearted nature of the app.

“Star” design system (font, colors, logo, navigation bar)

✨ Final Product: High-Fidelity Prototype with 15 Unique Screens

↗️ Open in browser

💭 Reflection

Things we did well:

  • Consistent visual design
  • Fresh solution for a clear problem
  • Effective collaboration given time constraint and having just met each other

Things we could have done better:

  • Gaps in logistics could make it confusing for users
  • Linear presentation could be frustrating for users testing the app
  • Purpose for school login unclear

Overall experience:

  • New and exciting experience to think up and design an app collaboratively under time pressure



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